10 Reasons to Make Out More

7I9S491Along with many of fun activities of our youth, like wine coolers and ice blocking, some of us have lost our enthusiasm for the good old fashion make out. Gone are the days of stolen smooches in the hallway, marathon make outs in the back row of the movie theater and full-contact kisses that send shivers down your spine. We remember the thrill of the activity itself, but kissing often falls by the wayside after you’re in a relationship.

When you’re first getting into a new relationship, kissing is like a first interview. If it goes badly, you might not get a call back! And yet, when you settle into an intimate relationship with someone, it seems like kissing is always the first thing to go. You just ate, you don’t feel like brushing your teeth, blah blah blah, let’s get to the sex.

In reality, kissing is one of the most important components that can actively enhance the intimacy in your relationship, as well as improve your sex life. Yes, it helps us feel closer to our partners, and it just feels nice. But there are some serious perks of puckering up that you might not be cashing in on…

Here are 10 reasons to make out more!

One. Lip-locking lowers your blood pressure

You know how a truly great kiss with someone special can really get your heart racing? Well there’s a lovely side effect to all that heart fluttering – During a particularly passionate kiss, your blood vessels dilate, providing your blood with a clearer pathway to all your organs. And over time, voila! Lower blood pressure.

Two. It can aid your anxiety

When you’re having one of those especially stressful days, and nothing seems to go right, this is the best time to snuggle up to your partner and steal a smooch! Why? It turns out that kissing lowers cortisol levels AKA the stress hormone.

According to a 2009 study on kissing and marriage, couples who bumped up the kissing in their relationships reported feeling much less stressed after only 6 weeks of regular lip-locking. They also reported feeling more happy in their relationship, which probably helps a lot in the stress department, too.

Three. Smooching combats cavities

It’s no secret that kissing can be a sometimes sloppy endeavor. Even though a sloppy smoocher can often be seen as a lost cause, as far as your teeth are concerned, the wetter the better!

During a kiss, your mouth produces bonus saliva, which washes away food particles, plaque buildup and cavity-causing bacteria. The longer you kiss, the more teeth-cleaning action! Plus, some experts say that the minerals in saliva can strengthen your enamel, meaning stronger teeth! Who knew that kissing was “dentist approved”?

Four. Make outs improve your mood

It’s a tale as old as time (or at least as old as the romance novel)! One amazing kiss has the power to wash away all your troubles, and leave you feeling like you’re literally floating on air. Lucky for us real-life lovers, this mood-elevating side effect isn’t just reserved for story time.

True story – That feeling of post-kiss elation is the direct result of a wonderful cocktail of “happy hormones”: Oxytocin (the love hormone), endorphins (the feel-good, post-exercise hormones) and dopamine (which promotes bonding). All it takes is a 20 second smooch to help chase away those lonely lips blues.

Five. Kissing burns calories

While it’s probably not going to save you money on that physical trainer, and it definitely won’t neutralize that chocolate milkshake from earlier, kissing does help you burn more calories than, say, not kissing. Depending on the intensity level of your makeout session, you could be burning between 6-16 calories per pucker! That’s like two whole strawberries.. Or one french fry.. Or three Altoids. Whatever, I’ll take it!

Six. It may boost your immune system

Next time you settle in for a good make out, just remember that your tongues aren’t the only ones doing the tango! Any time you lock lips with a person, you are also exchanging saliva, and in that saliva come billions of tiny bacteria, about 20% of which is unique to you! As gross as this may sound, it’s actually a good thing! Exposure to foreign bacteria causes your body to produce antibodies to build up a resistance to any unwanted microorganisms.. Kind of like a vaccine, minus the needles, lab coats and general terror.

Seven. If you do it enough, it helps you look younger

It’s said that people in love look ten years younger. Maybe it’s the rush of finding their soulmate.. Or maybe these lovers are just doing a whole lot of kissing. Research shows that you use about 30 different muscles during a vigorous make out session! All that deep kissing action helps tighten and tone the muscles in your cheeks and jawline, which are two big aging “trouble spots”. It also increase circulation in your face, which helps smooth the skin and prevent it from sagging.  

Eight. Kisses can kill that headache

We’ve all dodged an intimate moment or two because of a particularly potent headache or, God forbid, menstrual cramps! As it turns out, we should probably start initiating those physical moments when we’re feeling achy instead of curling up under the covers and hiding from them!

During a particularly heart-racing kiss, your body releases small amounts of adrenaline. This, combined with the blood vessel dilation, can actually reduce or eliminate feelings of pain or tension.

Nine. It’s better than Benadryl

There is nothing more aggravating than being an allergy-prone person in the spring time. Once those flowers get to blooming, the entire natural world becomes the enemy. Before you bust out the Benadryl and say goodbye to fresh air, cozy up to this fun fact:  According to a study in Japan, 30 minutes of kissing can actually reduce symptoms of allergic reactions and hay fever. This means you can literally kiss that runny nose and those itchy eyes goodbye!

Ten, And hey, if nothing else..

Kissing can serve as an amazing warm up to another very popular activity. Considered one of the earliest forms of foreplay, some purposeful mouth-to-mouth action helps gets the blood pumping to all the right places, making partners even more primed for sex! And we all know how beneficial that can be..


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