10 Truths About Sex and Relationships

sex and relationshipsIf you sleep with him on a first date, are your relationship chances screwed? (No pun intended.) YourTango asked me 10 questions about sex and relationships on Twitter the other day. Here’s what I have to say about sexting, first date sex and, well,  not looking desperate. 

1. YourTango: How can you get a hesitant partner to shake things up in the bedroom?
Communication is a lubrication! talk to your partner about what you want in the bedroom! asap!

2. YourTango: What are the 3 best sex toys for a fun Friday night?
My 3 fav toys available at Good VibrationsJeJoue mimi & pocket rocket + club vibe (wearable remote control panties!)

3. YourTango: When a guy you’ve been dating for a few months disappears out of the blue without saying a word, what is the best way to handle this?
Time to move on. “He’s just not that into you” end of story. delete his phone number, defriend him from FB & move on. Plenty of great men out there!

4.YourTango: What’s the best love advice you ever received?
Love yourself, open your heart which means doing the work on yourself first. then love will follow.

5. YourTango: How many dates before you can sleep with a guy?
There are no rules, but better to wait & get to know someone. If you sleep together too soon it’s all about sex.

6. YourTango: If you do sleep with him on a first date, are your relationship chances ruined?
Depends on the emotional maturity of the guy. it’s not ruined at all, but better to wait!

7. YourTango: Sexting nude photos: a do or don’t?
BIG DON’T! I know many will disagree, but unless you want him/her showing their friends (which they will) don’t.

8. YourTango: But we’re such a visual society. Can’t it be great fore/after play? What about if no face in pic?
Sure, but learn the beauty of sexual foreplay with words. imagination is what really turns us on!

9. YourTango: 50% people say “Stop looking,” other 50% say “Put yourself out there.” Which is it?
Look everyday but don’t be desperate & put the best version of yourself out there everyday.

10. YourTango: How can we avoid giving off those unintentional ‘desperate’ vibes?
Be the amazing woman you are with your friends when you are with men!

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