Announcement! Emily’s Sex Drive

Emily’s new iPhone app Sex Drive is a fun and sexy way to explore and expand your relationship.  It helps couples put the “real” back in relationship, and is now available in the app store.  Just commit to the app for a number of days, 5-30…

Each day, you’ll receive a  Proposition from Emily for you and your partner to share— some risque and some risky.  The important thing is for you and your partner to enjoy an adventure — the  app eliminates the awkwardness of trying new things. You both sign up to take Emily’s Sex-Drive, and you both go wherever it takes you – together. You’ll both experience a lot of pleasure along the way.

Unique features include the ability to set your own level of intensity during the setup process: from mellow to “Hello!!” and sexy ideas for your whatever kind of couple you are: boy/girl, girl/girl or boy/boy.   Couples can decide if they want to see the whole itinerary ahead of time, or be surprised with a new Proposition each day.  Reminders can also be  provided for daily assignment.    Users can share Propositions with their partner via email or text, if enabled, and Emily keeps score and lets you know how you’re doing.

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