15 Funny Real Things that Happened During Sex

Sex is pleasurable; it’s hot; it’s a stress reliever– it’s human nature. Although depicted or fantasized about in romantic and sultry ways, most of the time, there’s going to be an unexpected moment that makes both you and your partner have a good laugh. Because, well, sex is funny.


We’ve all had embarrassing things happen in the throes of passion, and while some stories are better kept behind closed doors, others are completely relatable (and downright hilarious).

A while back we asked users what their funniest sex moments were and we were not disappointed. Sex is supposed to be fun, so why not see the humor in it?

Here are fifteen real stories to get you chuckling:

Pet Invasion:

  • My lady and I had just got kittens. One of them came into the bed and bit my sack. LOL, it didn’t spoil the mood.
  • Having sex with my ex, getting super hot and heavy and I’m about to pop when I feel a dog’s nose in my butt licking my butthole. We locked the puppy out every time thereafter.
  • One time I remember I was on top of my girl, I realized out of the corner of my eye I see my dog very slowly inching his way up alongside looking at us like, “what are you guys doing?” He licked both of our faces, turned around and sat on her chest right between us. . . we bursted out laughing in hysterics.


  • Had a new puppy who didn’t know what was happening so jumped on the bed with the girl and I and decided to lick her nipples. She didn’t see the funny side.


House Calls:

  • I guess she was really loud. Got told to stick a sock in her mouth by the neighbor.
  • Had to call the police to come unlock the handcuffs because we lost the keys.


Unexpected Third Party:

  • One time, I was having sex with my husband, and our son who was two years old at the time, walked into our room unbeknownst to us, and slapped my husband on the ass! “What are you doing Daddy?” I thought it was hysterical, my husband did not!

  • Getting caught having sex in a beer cooler in Fort Lauderdale, Florida on spring break.
  • When I was married, we went to her parents house for Thanksgiving and were having sex in her old room. Right when I pulled out to finish on her chest, her mom opened the door, saw me finish on them, and then said, “Clean your tits off, dinner is ready.”


Injured, but worth it?:

  • Dislocated my shoulder while face deep between her legs. Popped it back in, rolled over, and let her take over.

  • Got kicked in the face on accident when she was trying to spin around on top of me.



  • Farted during sex and my husband gasped and said, “My trust in you is broken. . . like THE WIND.” Fucking lost it.
  • The bed breaking, happened a lot and we’d just move to the uphill side and keep going. One time, it tapped out before we even got going. LOL


Car Troubles:

  • We tried to do it in the car in a parking lot when a car drove by. I freaked out and tried to duck, but the headlights caught my ass at the right angle and I mooned the car with my shiny ass.

  • I had sex with a girl on my car bonnet (hood) and forgot to put the handbrake on. Anyway, chasing the car with her on the bonnet naked was fun.


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