Bullied Girl Gets Revenge By Giving Bullies Semen-Filled Cupcakes

A high school girl in California is under investigation after she allegedly fed semen-filled cupcakes to other students who were bullying her.

The unidentified sophomore at Centennial High School in Bakersfield brought in the concoctions earlier last week and fed them to students she felt were picking on her.

A local source reports that one student said the girl claimed the cupcakes also contained pubic hair and expired pills, while another says she claimed they were made with condiments like mayonnaise and soy sauce.

The Bakersfield Police Department reports that the girl revealed her secret recipe after one of the students had a cupcake and asked why they tasted so terrible.

Police were unable to verify any of the claims made, as the cupcakes had been disposed of before they were able to collect them as evidence.

In response, officials at the high school have banned all outside food and canceled a food day in one of the French classes. The incident remains under investigation, but as of yet the girl has not been charged.


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