20 Crazy Places People Have Gotten Busy

When it comes to sexual surroundings, most encounters happen in the bedroom, or at least a room of some kind. Sometimes, though, we yearn for something a little more… dangerous, so to speak.

Why do you think so many people want to join the Mile High club?

I can tell you, it’s not for comfortability. It’s for the thrill!

Unfortunately for the exhibitionists of the world, sex in public is a big no-no in the eyes of the law. Still, everyday it seems like more and more horny couples are getting caught for getting randy in a Domino’s Pizza or a public bus. The risks are high, but it doesn’t stop us because, well, it’s f*cking fun.

We asked you the craziest place you’ve ever had sex, and you delivered. So, without further ado, here are 20 real stories of people doing the deed in naughty places.

Can I Get an Audience, Please?

  • My wife and I visited a strip club in the Los Angeles area. We paid for the VIP lounge which is upstairs a few feet above the club floor. It has glass windows we assumed were tinted, so we proceeded to do every act and position. After, when we were leaving, we got a round of applause. I guess the glass was clear!
  • We step outside our RV, my boyfriend pushes me against the sides, yanks my panties off, and does me from behind as I smiled and waved to the passers by.
  • My ex (we were like 19) rode me reverse cowgirl while I sat on an electrical transformer in front of my house. It was probably about two in the afternoon. Her pants were dropped just passed her butt and her extra long t-shirt was the only thing covering her. The road I lived on at the time was quite busy during the day as well.


Close Calls

  • I snuck out of my house during the summer between my junior and senior year of high school to meet this girl who I had been flirting with. She had me climb over her back gate which was tall enough so I could climb onto the garage and up to her bedroom window. We sat outside all night talking until the talking turned into something more. At about 5am, when the sun was coming up, I saw her dad walk out to his car to go to work as my head was bobbing up and down over the peak of the garage roof. I watched him pull out of the driveway and leave without noticing me while I was having sex with his daughter on the roof of his garage.
  • We were in a cow pasture late at night, in my jeep with the top down, when a cow licked my butt…i thought for a second it felt real cold ..like her father poking me in the butt with a shotgun…but no it was a cow…thank god!
  • On a basketball court, literally in a Burger King bathroom and on a street in front of a cop.

Road Head

  • In a beer truck– I used to work for a beer company. My girl met me at one of my stops. We hopped into one of the empty bays where the beer was kept and went to town.
  • Exchanging hand jobs in the back of her dad’s van while he drove us home from the beach… We acted like we were sleeping.
  • On a train in Greece. The severe rocking and swaying of the train did the work for me.
  • On a ferry coming back from France with a total horny stranger at stupid o’clock in the morning.
  • On a firetruck! It was hot. ;)

Living Dangerously

  • At the kitchen while we were cooking for dinner for her family that was in the living room watching television.
  • On a conference room table, before a meeting!
  • In a changing room at The Gap while employees were folding clothes right outside.
  • On a Ferris Wheel!

You Were WHERE?!

  • Helicopter!
  • A church steeple…I love the house of worship!!
  • At a zoo. I won’t say which zoo… I’d like to be able to go back.
  • In a Hospital bathroom with my arm hanging from a sling after emergency hand surgery.
  • An asylum. Crazy enough?



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