3 Hacks to Get That Climax

Ah, climax. The light at the end of the tunnel. The pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. When we get right down to it, orgasming is the goal of sex, right? Either solo or with a partner, climax is usually the end result you’re looking for. So, why does it sometimes feel impossible to achieve?

You light the candles, use your favorite lube, thinking about it all day…  yet, when the time actually comes to feel some pleasure, it seems like your body is letting you down. What’s the deal?

Turns out, this is a common situation that happens to pretty much everyone at some point in time. Stress, trying something new in bed, a different partner, and a million other factors can play a role in you getting ghosted by your orgasm. Here are a few tips to make sure you don’t get stood up by yourself next time you’re looking for a little bit of pleasure:

When in doubt, Kegel it out 

Exercising in the gym makes you feel better and stronger, right? The same concept can be applied to the bedroom. There’s a reason we’re constantly singing the praises of Kegels, and that reason is simple: better – and more frequent – orgasms. Kegels tone and strengthen the muscles in your vagina and pelvic floor, making it easier to become aroused and reach climax.

After practicing this exercise for a while on your own, you can incorporate it into your sex life to remind your pelvic floor muscles that it’s orgasm time.

Matter over mind 

While the phrase ‘mind over matter’ can be super useful in some situations, that’s not the case when it comes to reaching climax. In fact, intensely focusing on orgasming can actually prevent you from reaching your goal. Instead of frantically fretting over when or if you’re going to come, let yourself be present in the moment and enjoy the amazing sensations that sex or masturbating are providing.

You’ll be surprised how quickly you can recover from missing-in-action orgasms when you simply stop thinking about it.

Do you believe in magic?

The Magic Wand has saved me time and time again when it comes to sketchy orgasms. This is one of the only toys that is able to get me to climax no matter the situation, and I have no doubt it can do the same for you. This amazing device has a bunch of different settings, so you can experiment to find the one that’s perfect for you.

Use it both during solo play and sex for an almost fool-proof way to get the big ‘O.’


Troubleshooting your orgasms may take a little bit of time –and definitely a lot of patience– but incorporating these three hacks should get you well on your way to reaching your climax goals.


Brittany Kay is the former assistant editor for StorErotica, the national trade publication for the adult retail industry. She currently works as an SEO writing ninja for a national marketing company, which pays better but is rather boring compared to writing about sex toys all day. She also freelances for a number of different industries and likes to take long naps in her her spare time.

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