3 Oral Sex Tips Beneath The Banana Tree

oral sex tips

oral sex tips Watch me give three oral sex tips beneath my blossoming banana tree. I’m breaking down the blow job. Get out your banana, and with a firm grip around the base, give the greatest blow job known to mankind.

Oral Sex Tips Beneath The Banana Tree

1. No Teeth

This is the first thing everyone learns about how to give a blow job. Stretch your lips over your teeth instead of puckering them out. Some people advise to give him a little nibble, but if you’re not sure how sensitive his penis is proceed with caution.

2. Pressure

Just because he doesn’t want you to scrape your teeth across his penis, doesn’t mean he wants you to gently suck his penis. Make sure you’re applying enough pressure with your lips and tongue. If you want to add a bit more pressure, use your hands. Not only do hands making giving a blow job a hell of a lot easier, it gives you momentum and freedom to focus on the head of the penis. Try giving his penis a little twist with your hand as you circle your tongue on his tip.

3. Just go for it!  

I realize that there might be more enjoyable activities than giving oral sex (receiving oral sex for one), but you do it because you enjoy pleasing your partner.

If you find it difficult to smile with his penis down your throat, look into his eyes lustfully. He wants to see that you’re enjoying it. Enthusiasm is key. Make noises and really get into it. (He doesn’t need to know that you’re thinking about eating a gigantic burrito after this whole ordeal is over.)  Giving great oral sex can be a huge turn-on for you both.

P.S. If you want to enjoy giving oral sex more, check out Masque: Sexual Flavors. His penis will taste like a popsicle.


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