3 Paths to G-Spot Glory

girl-on-bed-in-sun1It’s 2016—for the first time in U.S. history a woman has sealed the presidential nomination of a major party, and there’s now an Uber for ladies, by ladies. You can even get condoms delivered straight to your door (thus avoiding the need to put on pants and make the journey to the nearest corner store.)

Despite all this progress, a large percentage of women are still facing obstacles in the bedroom: Namely, they have yet to experience the mind-blowing vaginal orgasm. It’s true that the G-spot continues to elude many women. You can spend your entire life having the hottest sex in the world with the sexiest person and still never discover it. Unfortunately, women who have tried but still been unable to find their G-spot may eventually give up altogether. Even worse, they often write themselves off as inorgasmic or incapable of physically experiencing a vaginal orgasm.

So are you ready to take the plunge and pave your way to G-Spot bliss? 

Find out how in my latest sex tip article for Glamour, “3 Expert-Proven Ways to Find Your G-Spot“…

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