3 Stops to Pleasure-Town

Sex is like driving. To get going, you need to get turned on and warmed up, getting from point A (arousal) to point B (Pleasure-town). Sex, however, is the one ride where you’ll want to take the scenic route instead of the shortcut. Sometimes though, excitement gets the best of us, and well… The destination was reached way too soon. In fact, your partner might have gotten left back at the 2nd pit stop. As devastating as this can be, it happens.

There is a way to get you back on the right track. All aboard the Promescent Train because we’re heading to Pleasure-Town! 

Maybe you suffer from premature ejaculation, maybe you want to break a world record, or maybe you just want to last as long as you can this Valentine’s Day. Regardless of your situation, Promescent can help you have the longest lasting sex you’ve ever had!

It’s as easy as three simple steps until you can stamp that sex passport with yet another validation from Orgasm City. All you need to do is spray, rub, and wait. What do you do while you wait? Foreplay it up, of course! Those ten extra minutes of pre-penetration will only raise the sexual stakes.

So, instead of having the sexual stamina of a mosquito (a few seconds), have one like a tortoise. Seriously, those guys go for hours. Slow and steady definitely wins the race.


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