5 Fitness Tips to Improve Your Sex Life

Chatelaine Magazine wanted to find out my exercise routine, or should I say ‘sexercise’ routine.  Fitness is important for better sexual health. Here’s my go-to recommendations:

1. Do yoga
The flexibility of yoga definitely is important. But beyond the flexibility for certain positions it has so many benefits in that it makes you less stressed. It opens up parts of your body that can help you when you’re having sex. The meditative breathing during yoga makes a huge difference because during sex lots of people hold their breath, especially women. The yoga breaths can help with that because it helps with relaxation and can help with achieving orgasm. You have to be relaxed to have good sex.

It’s funny that getting picked up after a yoga class happens a lot because everyone who is so happy and relaxed afterwards.

2. Do Your Kegels 
Doctors and therapists are always talking about the need to do kegels. A lot of people think it’s just for women, but for men having problems with premature ejaculation or maintaining an erection, they’re great. And for women it helps urinary incontinence after childbirth and for having longer and more intense orgasms.

The problem with kegels is that no one remembers to do them. That’s why I developed an app called Kegel Camp to remind and motivate users to do them.

3. Do pushups
Pushups are a great exercise for sex, especially for men. This is because a number of positions require holding your body up over another person. But they’re not just for men. There are positions where upper body strength and stamina can be valuable for women as well.

4. Train your midsection
You use your abdominal muscles a lot during sex. Doing core focused exercises will also help you hold certain positions and give you the stamina to not wear out too early.

5. Do any exercise that makes you feel good
Exercise is good for overall sexual performance. If you’re strong and in good shape you’re going to be able to perform better. You’ll be able to go the extra mile. You’re not going to get winded and you’ll be able to hold yourself in a certain position for longer.

But it goes beyond physical capabilities.

More importantly, lack of self-esteem is a big killer of sex drives and it’s often tied to body image issues…exercise gives you confidence in yourself because your body is not like this alien to you if you exercise. You’re more in touch with it and feeling more confident about how it moves and how to use it.


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