5 Rough Sex Tips For a Naughty New Year

rough blog sex with emily

rough blog sex with emilyThe holidays can be a rough time of year. You have to save money to buy gifts, plan out dinners for family visits, make accommodations for traveling, all whilst having a cheerful heir about you.

Geez. I’m already ready for a nap. But, there can be use of all this newfound frustration. Channel your inner aggressions towards the place where dreams and orgasms come true— the bedroom. It’s time to have some of that primal, rough, and carnal sex that’s built into our DNA!

Think about sex like a fight; the two acts are very similar. You curse and yell in a fight, which can be equivalent to dirty talk; you try to pin each other down, like wrestling; and after it’s over, you let bygones be bygones, or get a towel for the clean up. Why do you think one of the best kinds of sex is makeup sex? It’s the same reason why we are able to get so incredibly angry at the people we love the most. The stronger you feel an emotion, the more difficult it is to put that emotion into words, creating the popular phrase that actions speak louder than words.

So before you go mailing Santa that you’ve been nice all year, it’s time to get a little naughty behind closed doors. Here are a few ways to dive into some consensual rough sex this year:


1. Hair-Pulling

In an actual fight, hair pulling would be a definite “wussy” move, but in sex, it could be the reigns controlling your orgasm. The key to hair pulling is doing it when the moment is right, and doing it with care. Don’t just yank as hard as you can on your partner’s follicles and expect them to be overflowing with pleasure. Make sure the timing is right, and the pull is passionate. The best time to pull someone’s hair is when the woman is in reverse cowgirl position or doggy-style. Pulling her hair back will allow the penis (or dildo or fingers) to more accurately hit her g-spot, while also giving you more power in your thrusts and control over her movements.


You can totally pull a man’s hair as well (especially if it’s long). If it’s short, it’s not so much a pulling of the hair than it is a firm grabbing. Don’t just tug away, but when you’re on top of him and running your fingers through his hair, grab a handful, focusing his face on your face or body, giving you guys a more intense feeling of closeness.


2. Biting

Before we get into this, I feel the need to disclaim NOT TO BITE DURING ORAL. A little teeth is okay, maybe a nibble, but no actual biting. Anyways..

There is a fine line between pleasure and pain (even if you haven’t found it yet), so biting, when done correctly, can be extremely hot. Start off with little nibbles on the inner thighs, ears, or neck, just enough so your partner can feel your teeth, but not enough that you’ve sunk into the skin.


The key is to bite without biting down like you would with a turkey leg. As your sexual session progresses upward, try a few harder bites. The more pleasure your partner is feeling, the harder you can bite. In fact, those grand ole’ “feel good” hormones, like serotonin, are released during feelings of pain AND pleasure, so the sensation will only intensify the experience! Keep in mind that some people may be in for a vampiric bite, and others… not so much, so make sure your partner is moaning in satisfaction and not in pain.


3. Spanking

Ahh, spanking. The nightmare of our childhoods becomes the fantasy of our adulthood with one swift change of context. Spanking can be great for so many things, like role-play, adding a new sensation to the mix, or to show appreciation for that spectacular butt in front of you! Because, let’s be honest, spanking with rough sex is all about the booty.


One thing we all know for sure is if you’re not enthusiastic about it, it’s kind of awkward. So if you’re going to do it, than go for it! Tell your partner you’ve been naughty this year and you need to be disciplined! Or, switch it around on them and show that behind no mercy. Spanking is great for teasing because it’s just a taste of what’s to come, amping up any foreplay routine. During sex, it is best executed in variations of doggy-style because well, the derriere is right there.


4. Light Choking

Whether you’re the choker or the chokee, you’re going to get something out of this act. For one, the neck is already an erogenous zone, so any extra attention to this area is helpful in turning someone on. Secondly, the choker has control and a sense of dominance over the chokee, and the chokee (if done right) gets an immensely amplified orgasm from the lack of oxygen and blood flow to the brain.


Choking is all about timing and paying attention. The choker has to make sure they aren’t going to make their partner pass out, and the chokee gets to put all those years of seeing who could hold their breath the longest to the test. It might be a good idea to come up with a safe word, or look in this case, to signal to your partner it’s time to let go. Let your partner know when you’re getting close to climax, and allow them to wrap their hands around your throat. The choker should be gentle with the grasp, and tighten gradually. The lack of air combined with the pressure around your neck, plus the stimulation to your genital area allows you to let the orgasm flow through your entire body, and it would be hard for the choker not to get off on watching it all go down.


5. Power Play

A great way to incorporate all these rough sex techniques is during a power play dynamic. Power play scenarios involve a partner to take the dominant role and the other to take the submissive role. The submissive partner has to do everything the dominant partner tells them to do, and allow them to do whatever they like. If you’re the dom, you have complete control over everything: your partner, the foreplay, how long you’ll have sex, and how you have sex. The dirty talk is usually more brash, the role-play is heavily disciplinary, and sensations are even more glorified. Before you do this though, you need to set aside ground rules and a safe word in case things get really intense.


So, if you’ve ever wanted to try getting rough between the sheets, these tips will help toughen up your sex life and keep you on the naughty list all year long!

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