The 5 Senses of Pleasure

Looking for a way to take your bedroom rendezvous to the next level? Say hello to sensation play. This is basically any activity that focuses on the exploration of physical sensation, and can involve everything from soft and sensual acts to intense pain. Sensation play can feel amazing, and send your pleasure to whole new realms.


So take your senses for an erotic ride with a few sensation play ideas: 


Considering the fact that you typically assess your environment with your eyes, taking away your sight could have a serious impact on how you perceive your situation. That’s why blindfolds are so popular in the bedroom — removing your sense of sight can completely alter how your brain interprets stimuli and thus heighten your other senses as you anticipate what’s going to happen. You’ll have no idea what’s to come (besides yourself), except that it’s going to be sexy.


No matter what you do during sex, there will always be some form of touch going on. Why not amplify that touch a little? Ice is a classic– running ice over your partner’s skin can really get their blood pumping. Maybe start at the lips, trace down the chest circling the nipples, and continue to the belly button and privates. Feathers and crops are also great for adding new sensations.

Sportsheets makes a ton of great products for this, and their feather spanker is one of my favs. You can use it to inflict pain (doesn’t have to be a lot, just a little sting) with the crop end to add to the dominant side of your sensation fantasy. Then tickle your partner with the feather for a little tease or aftercare


The quickest way to someone’s heart is through their stomach, so it’s no wonder playing around with taste can be a sexy bedroom activity. Make your submissive guess what different foods (or body parts) you’re putting into his or her mouth to (quite literally) spice things up. Play with the tastes… try exploring spicy foods, sweet foods, warm and cold. You can even experiment with putting a food or flavor on your body and having them lick it off. Also, don’t knock the classics like chocolate syrup, whip cream, and strawberries– they’re classics for a reason. Throw a little pineapple in there too– it’s proven to sweeten our bodies’ fluids.


When something smells good, we feel good; it’s one of our strongest senses. Cater to this sense by incorporating some scented massage oils or candles to your bedroom play. Lavender and vanilla are great scents to start with. Lavender contains linalool–  a relaxant for both women and men. Vanilla not only smells good enough to eat, it’s also associated with rewards and pleasurable childhood memories.

Also, don’t forget about your natural musk! After sex, when you’re laying next to each other all warm and sweaty, breathe in your partner’s natural scent– around the neck particularly. It’s super intimate, making you feel closer to your partner.


Impairing your sense of sound during sex is the perfect way to not only tune out the noise going on at that moment, but also the noise in your head that’s preventing you from getting into the mood. Try some noise cancelling headphones on your partner, especially in combination with the previously stated sight–blindfold–and touch–ice, feathers, or fingers–sensation play.


Another great way to play around with sound is by adding to it– using a white noise machine for ocean sounds or playing your favorite song. For a few music ideas, you can listen to the “Sex Talk You Never Had” to make your sex even hotter.


Sensation play is all about exploring the intensity of different sensations you and your partner find pleasurable. Think of it as a tool in your sexual toolbox — the more you play around with your senses, the better you’ll be at maximizing pleasure in the bedroom.

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