5 Things Slowing Down Your Sex Drive

couple-holding-stop-sign-in-bed-298x232There’s nothing wrong with not being in the mood every now and then. Everyone’s libido fluctuates for a range of reasons. Hormonal changes, age, your menstrual cycles and even a heavy meal can make you feel more passion for Netflix than your partner. But if you find that it’s a persistent problem, or if it starts to affect your relationship, it’s important to take the downturn seriously.

The culprit for your lack of longing could also be something you’d never expect!

There are a lot of possible medical causes for low libido including hyperthyroidism, hormonal imbalance and mental health issues—so be sure to express your concerns to your doctor. But if medical causes have been ruled out and the low libido still persists, a few basic lifestyle changes could launch you back into the healthy sex life you should be enjoying.

So what’s causing the demise of your once lively libido? To find out the top 5 Things Slowing Down Your Sex Drive, check out my article on Verywell.com


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