5 Types of Sex You Should Be Having

There’s no better time like the present to try something new and exciting in (or outside) the bedroom. If you didn’t know, there are all kinds of ways to fool around that can really throw some heat into your relationship. It’s all about changing things up and not sticking to a routine.

If you’re a speed racer, slow things down. Tired of the same old missionary? Try getting a little kinky. If you’re curious about different ways to get turned on, start exploring!

Here are 5 ways to change up your sex routine.

Slow Sex

If you tend to rush through sex these days, almost like it’s a chore instead of an act of pleasure, try slowing things down. Start off with some good old fashioned dirty talk and sexting throughout the day. It gets your head in the game and rears up your libidos for when you finally come together (all puns intended).

Cook dinner together – something with sauce so you can lick each others fingers and taste test. Then, unwind with a movie or, better yet, a porno together. Cuddle under a blanket like young, love struck teenagers – kissing and exploring each other’s bodies for the first time.

Take the sex nice and slow. Passionately kiss each other, kiss the lips, neck, collarbone, stomach, and even down to the feet – if that’s your thing. Caress one another’s bodies, keeping the foreplay and oral going as long as possible.

If you have trouble going for longer periods, try using a few sprays of Promescent on the penis to allow you to go for longer. Double up on the foreplay for the other partner while it kicks in, and you’ll be able to really slow things down.

Just feel the connection, look into each other’s eyes, and take time to feel every movement. Most importantly, pay attention to your partner’s body language. In the end, this will cause more and intense orgasms.


Exploratory Sex

Exploring each other’s erogenous zones, likes, dislikes, and turn ons will only bring the two of you closer together. Plus, it’s a perfect recipe for mind blowing sex.

Think about the five senses when starting off your foreplay. First, put a blindfold over your partner’s eyes to heighten the other senses and start exploring their erogenous zones. Kiss the nape of the neck and inner thigh, and massage the scalp. Nibble on the ears, strike the back of the knee, caress the nipples using your fingers or tongue.

Once you’ve explored each others bodies, get a bit more adventurous. Explore new positions like the “Couch Rocker” where one partner sits on the edge of the couch with the other straddling and wrapping their legs around. You can also try this standing up – the “Hanging Garder”– which can also be done with one partner’s back against the wall for some enhanced passion and support.

Another great way to explore is by having sex in new and different places. Start off with some shower sex, then take it to the balcony or patio. And if you’re feeling really frisky, try somewhere in public, like having car sex (although be careful not to get caught).


Deep Sex

When you are looking for that chemistry again, or maybe you’re on a wild and crazy kick with a lack of intimacy, getting deeper might be what you need. First and foremost, allow no distractions in the room. The T.V. is off, cell phones in another room (not just on silent), with just the flickering of candle light. Start off sitting facing each other with your legs intertwined in what’s called the yab-yon position. Here, you’re so close to one another that your privates touch, but no penetration yet.

Begin to trace over each other’s skin with your fingertips. Feel each other’s heartbeat and make eye contact, trying to synchronize your breaths. It may feel awkward at first, but you’ll start to feel an energy develop between you. As you go deeper into the connection, allow yourself to go into a state of meditation. Take it slow, and really allow the energy to build.

To really heighten sensations and make the sex last even longer, practice edging. This is where you bring yourself (or your partner) to the point right before orgasm, and then holding back and repeating. Continue to breathe together during this time and make sure to keep your eyes open. It may be harder than you think, but there’s a reason why the eyes are considered the doorways to your soul – you’ll be surprised at how much more intense everything feels.


Role Play Sex

Playing and acting out a scene can be a fun way to spice up your sex life without getting too wild. Dress up, role play, fantasy play, or stranger play are all exciting games you and your lover can easily perform. It can be just to raise arousal or you can take it all the way through the climax. Your sex scene is what you make it!

You can try out the classics, like the housewife and repairman or pool boy, cop and robber, or the maid and guest or owner. Or, you can take things up a notch and try out a fantasy you and your partner have in your head.

Another fun game is role reversal. If one of you is typically more in charge or “on top” switch it up. It may be simple, but the smallest change can create the biggest outcome.

One of the best role playing games is pretending you’re strangers in a bar (or elsewhere) meeting for the first time. Strike up a conversation, then take each other home for a “one-night stand.”


Kinky Sex

If your relationship is in need of some sugar, spice, and maybe things not so nice, bring a little kink into the bedroom. Kinky sex all begins with communication. Discuss with your partner what you are willing and ready to try and where your limits are.

One partner needs to take the reigns and get a little commanding. Lift your partner’s chin and tell them to kiss you or crawl to you. Maybe take it up a notch and get a collar and leash, and lead your partner around the house. When you can’t stand it any longer and need to embrace each other, have fun, get wild, and push your boundaries (but only as far as you want).

You can do some bondage play with handcuffs, rope, or, if you don’t have either of those, a necktie is a perfectly good substitute. Then, maybe tease them a bit and even leave them there to wait, dragging out the anticipation.

Light pain play is also a great kinky game, but you’ll want a safe word for this one. Give your partner a nice spanking with your hand or paddle – like the heart-shaped paddle from Sportsheets. Some people love a little light choking, as well.

Another great way to kink up your sex life is to make a sex video – which you can totally use later to get yourself hot and bothered again. Not only will you find some excitement as your adrenaline begins to pump, but you’ll build more trust and have better communication with each other.


So, never get stuck in a rut again. There is always a way to spice things up in the bedroom.


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