5 Ways to Prevent Premature Ejaculation

prevent premature ejaculation Wouldn’t it be nice if you could prevent premature ejaculation without imagining your Great-aunt Mildred naked (sorry for the mental image)? Here are 5 things you can do to start having longer, more enjoyable sex.

5 Ways to Prevent Premature Ejaculation

1. Warm-up  

Just like you stretch before running a marathon, warm up before sex by masturbating. This is commonly called “pre-gaming.” No, that doesn’t mean you should lock yourself in the bathroom for a self-pleasure session in the middle of the date. Pleasure yourself before your date arrives to calm your nerves and prepare your penis.

2. Kegel Exercises

Kegel exercises strengthen your PC muscles, commonly known as your pee-stopping muscles. Take a few minutes to tense and relax these muscles everyday. Building up your PC muscles can actually increase your stamina during sex. Why spend hours pumping iron at the gym when you can become a champion in bed just by doing Kegel exercises? (Not that we don’t appreciate your chiseled abs.)

3. The Stop-and-Start Method

The start-stop method can help you learn more control during sex. But unless your goal is to make your partner extremely sexually frustrated, leave the stop-and-start method to masturbation.

While self-pleasuring, stimulate your penis until you feel ready to orgasm, and then stop. The stop-and-start method is often referred to as edging. If you watched Orange is the New Black you witnessed Piper’s fiancée dabbling in edging to gain greater clarity about his life. I’m not sure if the stop-and-start does anything to sharpen your mind, but it does a lot for strengthening your penis. By using this method you can find your point of no return—the moment before you orgasm. You can train your body and mind to feel comfortable with a heightened sense of pleasure, without going overboard. When the moment of no return comes (no pun intended), you will have more control.

4. Change the way you have sex

Most men have a certain position that takes them to their happy place—or in this case, sad place—far too soon. For example, if you usually orgasm quickly in doggie style, try a different position like woman on top. Slow down your movements and focus on stimulating her clitoris instead of over-stimulating your penis with quick thrusts. Not only does slow sex help you prevent premature ejaculate, but it also helps her orgasm.

prevent premature ejaculation

5. Try a Desensitizing Spray

Some doctors recommend SSRIs (antidepressants) to patients to prevent premature ejaculation. There are also numbing creams and gels that help you last longer. However, both antidepressants and numbing creams come with unwanted side effects. The only FDA approved treatment with virtually no side effects is Promescent, a new class of desensitizers. Unlike other desensitizing products, Promescent is a spray that quickly absorbs so it will not transfer to your partner. (The last thing you want to do is numb her clitoris—it’s hard enough to stimulate as is). With two quick sprays of Promescent, you can have the power to last longer, and enjoy the journey as much as the destination.

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