7 Health Hacks All Thanks To Having Sex

If there’s one thing we can agree on, it’s that sex feels pretty great.

The movement, the closeness, the sensation-filled surge of things firing in every direction. It’s a true cocktail of chemicals released throughout the brain and body delivering pleasure in the purest sense.


So with all of this said, should the slew of health benefits to follow really come as any surprise? While there’s an endless list of enjoyable physical and mental effects, here are just a few of many reasons to ramp it up in bed this season:


Legitimate Exercise

An obvious benefit from a dynamic sex life is the heart-healthy workout it easily provides. Some studies have found men who have sex at least twice a week were at significantly less risk of cardiovascular disease than those who have it once a month or less. Ongoing feelings of stress, anxiety, and anger can pose danger for heart attack comparable to that of smoking and high cholesterol, so we’d say sex is a pretty sweet ‘get out of jail free’ card.

Although these alluring aerobics may only burn an average of 3.6 calories per minute, a hot and heavy sesh from foreplay to finish can still rack up a pretty good sweat – especially if you’re on top.


Improved Bladder Control

There’s much to be said for having a strong pelvic floor, but one of the leading perks behind PC power is warding off incontinence. Whether due to aging, childbirth, or any other natural cause, the repeated contractions and heightened sensitivity can increase your control of surrounding muscles. And while sometimes it can be hard to tell if you’re doing your Kegels correctly, there are devices, such as the Intensity by Pour Moi that work them out for you (and deliver an orgasm or two in the process).

Don’t think this goes for women alone; Kegel workouts play a big role when it comes to prostate cancer as well. Strengthening pelvic muscles not only helps regain downstairs function before and after surgery, but can also help lower men’s one in seven risk of getting the cancer in general.

With a stronger pelvic floor of course come stronger orgasms too—so it’s a solid win-win situation.


Reduced Stress and Anxiety

When oxytocin and other endorphins (A.K.A. the “feel good” hormones) fire off during sex, they activate pleasure centers in brain that incite sensations of intimate bliss. As this is happening, levels of cortisol (literally dubbed “the stress hormone”) are also lowered. So needless to say, when it’s time to get down and dirty, traces of tension, anxiety, and depression are frequently kicked to the mental curb.

Some researchers have even discovered there’s little to no activity within the brain region associated with fear and anxiety during orgasm itself; but don’t worry, going that far isn’t required to still get a taste of the effect.


Improved Sleep

Often times with stress, insomnia follows suit, but here’s to a solution that beats your average sleeping pill any day.

Among the many hormones released during sex there’s prolactin, which happens to be one of nature’s biggest sleep aides. That combined with the same flood of endorphins helping quell stress and relax the mind and body make for an inevitably sedative effect.

Interestingly enough, up to four times more prolactin is released during intercourse than masturbation alone. So coupled with the comfort of someone to curl up with after the deed is done, you’ve got yourself the perfect scenario for sounder sleep.


Lessened Pain

From migraines and menstrual cramps, to soreness and strain, it turns out certain chemicals unleashed during orgasm can decrease awareness of pain as well.

Throughout the years, there’s been extensive research on the correlation between pain and sexual pleasure. Rather than alleviating the actual aches per say, experts have found sex increases the thresholds of tolerance and detection by about 40 and 50 percent, respectively. The circulation of Oxytocin helps bring our bodies to a more relaxed and positive emotional state, so pain isn’t perceived in quite the same way.


Boosted Immune System

Orange juice, flu shots, and soup—it’s time to step aside.

Research has also found individuals who have sex more often have higher levels of Immunoglobulin A, one of our system’s top antibodies at the first line of defense against dreaded cold viruses. Rolling in the hay just once or twice a week has shown a difference as high as 30 percent from those who have sex on a rarer occasion.


The Ultimate Glow

We’ve always heard about the elusive post-orgasm “glow,” but it turns out there’s a lot to scientifically back it up as well.

When crossing the finish line, swarms of hormones like estrogen and testosterone are additionally released. As a result, we see a boost in blood circulation throughout the body, which helps brighten your complexion and reduce dryness of skin. Some even say it can help you look younger too! According to scientists, those who romp on the reg up to 50 percent more often look significantly younger than their much “straighter-laced” counterparts.

But hey, it’s sure a lot more convenient than Botox.


Alex Anderson is an LA-based lifestyle designer proactively raging against the cultural grain. By day she works in television production, and by night enjoys writing, sewing and seeking guidance from the stars. She will also one day have a Norwegian Forest Cat named “Cher”. You can follow her website (www.alexjanderson.com) and on Instagram (@AJAndMore)!

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