7 Tricks for Better Sex According to SCIENCE

(451)The most common question we receive here at Sex With Emily, in one form or another, is “How can I have better sex?” It’s an everlasting subject that spikes our curiosity because we all want to have the best sex possible. We’ve heard Emily say many a time that communication is lubrication—Yes, communicating your needs with a partner will totally get you where you need to go. But why stop there?

You may not realize this, but science has played an integral part in what we know about sex today. If it wasn’t for those sexually curious souls like Alfred Kinsey and Masters and Johnson, sex might have remained a means of procreation, rather than the fun, kinky explorative act that we love to talk about so much. Science has given us cliteracy, vibrators and Viagra, G-spots and prostate massages. It has opened our minds to all the wonderful ways our body can experience pleasure.

Needless to say, it’s clear that science has always been on our side, and today is no different. Every day, new studies are coming out that teach us how to be a better lover. And when there’s advice that is scientifically proven to help you get your rocks off, why wouldn’t you want to test it out?

Whether you’re a carnal pro or a nubile newbie, here are 7 tricks for better sex, according to science!

  1. Grow Into It

We can’t avoid aging, so it’s best to accept the process and continue having sex until we can. The benefits of sex in old age can actually help us enjoy more sex and live longer. The Journal of Health and Social Behavior found that women between ages 57 and 85 can lower their risk of high blood pressure by having sex once a week. The study also found that active seniors can enhance their mental and physical health. Age is no longer an excuse to refrain from sex, so do what’s best for your health and enjoy a long, happy sex life.

  1. Afternoon Delight

I used to think that the best time to have sex was all the time, but science says otherwise. The Daily Mail found that the best time to get it on is 3 p.m. This is the ideal hour to have sex because women have high levels of cortisol, which promotes alertness and high energy, and men have increased levels of estrogen. These hormones support a powerful emotional connection that can provide a highly pleasurable sexual experience. So 3 p.m. is the magical hour, unless you’re trying to get pregnant. Then, the best time for sex is in the morning when men’s testosterone is at it’s highest.

  1. Make Love Longer

Some say the average duration of sex is 7-10 minutes, but we all know that most women need more than that to achieve an orgasm. There are several methods that couples can try to make sex last longer, but Promescent gets the job done every time. A Promescent study found that 3 out of 4 men noticed a significant difference in their performance. It also helped achieve mutual orgasms and overall satisfaction while decreasing performance anxiety. It’s the only FDA solution to help make love longer, and science proves it!

  1. Chill Out

Body and soul alignment might sound like bulls**t but there may be more to this whole “keeping a clear mind” thing than we thought. Partners who meditate regularly can reduce the amount of stress and disruptive thoughts, which makes for better sex. Clinical Psychologist Megan Fleming found (insert link) that meditation shifts our brain activity from the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex to the orbitofrontal cortex. This means that it can reduce our inside thoughts and allow us to absorb physical arousal. Meditating will help you tune into your body, and it’s free, so it can’t hurt.

  1. Soak It In

Stepping outside and embracing the glorious outdoors for once can actually improve your sex life; Don’t forget your sunblock. A study in the Clinical Endocrinology found that the sun’s vitamin D can boost men’s sex drive by increasing testosterone levels, making everyone feel a bit more frisky. But don’t worry about losing that flame in the winter because people just love to shack up and warm up when it’s cold.

  1. Freak em’ Out

Taking your date to a scary movie is a classic trick to get them to snuggle closer to you, but I bet you didn’t know that it could actually get you laid. It’s true, thanks to a little thing called misattribution of arousal. The stimulation from a scary movie can trigger our sympathetic nervous system (SNS) and turn on our fight-or-flight response. A study in the Psychophysiology journal found that increases in SNS activity correlate with higher genital arousal, aka more sensations in your nether regions. Moral of the story: If you scare easily, watching a scary movie might be the right trick for you.

  1. Go Green

We know that maintaining a balanced diet and exercising is good for us, but now we have a different motivation to be fit: Better boning! Recently Daily Mail published a study by the journal Hormones and Behaviors that observed monkeys’s mating habits. They noted that the monkeys  who ate more vegetables spent more time mating than they did grooming… Sounds good to me! The study suggested that, like our primate ancestors, we may be able to alter our hormone levels through our diets. So if you didn’t bother eating vegetables before, you might want to give them a second chance now. Who knows, maybe your taste buds have.. Matured?

While the periodic table and the anatomy of a plant cell may not have helped you out much in your adult life, there are plenty of areas where applied science can come in handy. I certainly have a new appreciation for the subject, and I’m excited to see what the next big sexual discovery will be. Maybe a meteor will cross paths with earth and give us all longer-lasting orgasms? One can only hope…

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