The Regrowth of The 70’s Bush

70's bush blog sex with emily
70's bush blog sex with emily

Photo by Ava Sol on Unsplash

Modern Americans seem pretty obsessed with bald vulva’s, but could anything change that? Is it possible the 1970’s bush could have a comeback?

Surrounded by boot cut jeans, bobs, the Black Keys, and anything remotely connected to Wes Anderson, the grave of George Santayana is surely witness to perpetual turning in our retro-obsessed age.

But there is one last bastion of modernity into which nostalgia and vintage-worship will never encroach, and that, my friends, is America’s love of the bald pubic mound.

Cue evidence to the contrary…


Yes, it appears that the ubiquitous presence of the porn star mustache in bohemian communities has, in turn, sparked the regrowth of another 70’s smut staple: the bush.

American Apparel Ad

And it’s not just American Apparel ads that are causing a buzz about fuzz. Versace has dropped several ads that featured Saskia De Brauws prominent but tamed pube-age, prompting Jezebel to write up an article on the bush’s resurgence.

Maybe people are just catching on to the downsides of being bare? Setting aside the annoyance of constantly shaving and razor burn, being completely shaved down there adheres to the common modern cultural male definition of female beauty. After all, it’s natural to have a bush after puberty. 

Ultimately, it comes down to your own personal preference. Some people prefer the smooth feeling a Brazilian wax or clean shave provides. Others love the all-natural look and feel of rocking a bush. 

It’s important that you do what feels right for you. Society shouldn’t define your pubes.

It might just be time to rejoice in the Revival of the Rug…



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