The Regrowth of The 70’s Bush

Surrounded by boot cut jeans, bobs, the Black Keys, and anything remotely connected to Wes Anderson, the grave of George Santayana is surely witness to perpetual turning in our retro-obsessed age. But there is one last bastion of modernity into which nostalgia and vintage-worship will never encroach, and that, my friends, is America’s love of the bald pubic mound.

Cue evidence to the contrary…Yes, it appears that the ubiquitous presence of the porn star mustache in bohemian communities has in turn sparked the regrowth of another 70’s smut staple: the bush.

American Apparel Ad

It’s not just American Apparel ads that are causing a buzz about fuzz. In December 2011, Versace dropped several ads that featured Saskia De Brauws prominent but tamed pube-age, prompting Jezebel to write up a lengthy article on the bush’s legacy in fashion.

Maybe people are just catching on to the downside of being bare? Set aside the annoyance of constantly shaving and razor burn, being completely shaved down there adheres to a male definition of female beauty. After all, it’s natural to have a bush after puberty.

It might just be time to rejoice in the Revival of the Rug.

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4 Discussion to this post

  1. Nate says:

    Say it isn’t so! Bald on both sides is definitely way more fun and feels so much better.

  2. Mindy says:

    Going back to bush would be like going back to unshaved pits. Just gross and unsanitary.

  3. joe bondi says:

    Beautiful! And what a turn on! Much better than what society is turning onto hairless little girls who you can hardly tell from the real 12.year olds.

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