8 Sexy New Years Resolutions

Sexy New Years Resolutions Who needs traditional New Year’s Resolutions when you can check off “sex in a random bar bathroom” from your bucket list?

You need some fun goals in 2014 to balance out your respectable adult goals to become a more organized, put-together person.

Life isn’t a dress rehearsal, so get naked and start living the life you want in 2014.

sexy new years resolutions

Here are some fun and sexy new years resolutions you should add to your goals for 2014. Let the relationship and sexual resolutions begin!

  1. Get good at something fun… or at least have fun trying to get good at something

    There’s probably something you’ve always wanted to try, but haven’t because you’re scared of failure. You will make up every excuse imaginable not to pursue what you want, because it’s easier to stick to your uninspired routine.

    Start by making a realistic goal like signing up for an improv comedy class, taking a cooking class, or joining a yoga studio. Write down your goals for after 6-months, whether it’s performing at an open-mike night, putting on a dinner party for all your friends, or mastering a handstand.

    Joining a new activity or taking up a new hobby is also a great way to meet people. Once you have the courage to put yourself out there, the people you want to attract will take notice. No one’s going to realize you’re a unique snowflake if you don’t show ‘em what you got.

  2. Approach people

    Approach and talk to people you don’t know even if you’re going to pee your pants in nervousness. Many people complain that they never meet anyone, but they never try to initiate conversations with strangers. Remember, the worst thing that can happen when you’re approaching someone is rejection.

    This stranger literally didn’t mean anything to you five seconds ago. Pick up the pieces of your broken heart, and try again. Don’t let your ego get in the way of meeting a new friend or love interest.

    Now, let’s get to the sex.

    I’m always hearing the same things about working out more, eating better, saving more money, cutting back on cupcakes. So boring!

    No wonder no one sticks to their resolutions. Why doesn’t anyone ever make a SEX RESOLUTION? Isn’t sex just as important as your 401(K)?

  3. Ease into the New Year with some serious foreplay

    Not only do women love foreplay, but they also need it to get warmed up for sex. Spend more time making out, rubbing down, and building up the anticipation. Then have all the crazy, animalistic sex you want.

  4.  Sleep with people that make you feel good about yourself

    Stop drunk texting your ex and start sleeping with people who make you feel good about yourself. If you’re having Sunday morning regrets or have been seeing someone who doesn’t appreciate you, it’s time to try something new. Life is too short to spend time in a relationship that’s going nowhere. Move on from stale relationships.  Both personal and professional relationships for that matter. Make more time for the people who make you feel good about yourself and get rid of all the people who suck the life out of you.

  5. Do your Sexercises!

    Why spend hours pumping iron at the gym when you can become a champion in bed just by doing Kegel exercises? Instead of fighting for a treadmill at the gym on New Years day, do your Kegels (something you can actually commit to).

    It’s not just fad exercise, women actually report stronger orgasms after doing these exercises for 5 minutes a day. Can you say: Worth it.

    Kegel exercises strengthen your PC muscles, commonly known as your pee-stopping muscles. I’ll walk you through your daily Kegel exercises with my iPhone app Kegel Camp (get it from the app store for $1.99).

    Women who do Kegel workouts experience longer, stronger orgasms as well less bladder issues before and after childbirth.  Kegel exercises for men can help men have firmer erections, greater stamina, and a healthier prostate.

  6. Get a vibrator.

    If she uses a vibrator on her clitoris during sex, she’ll have a much greater chance of orgasmsing. Plus, guys tell me the vibrations feel great on theirballs. My obsessions right now are the Je Joue MiMi Soft and the Original Magic Wand (of course). A good vibrator will enhance a woman’s sex life, with or without a partner.sexy new years resolutions The Je Joue MiMi Soft

  7. Never ‘Fake It’ again

    Ladies, do the the next girl he sleeps with a solid and don’t fake another orgasm! ‘Faking it’ only encourages him to continue thrusting away like a Jackrabbit – a move that feels great for him but isn’t even on the same planet as your clitoris. Women are taught since they are young to please men, even if it means feigning pleasure. Instead of stroking his ego, show him how to stroke your clitoris.

  8. Tell your partner what you want

    Don’t be shy about your fantasies. Have open communication with your partner and let him or her know what you’d like them to do. It’s incredibly sexy when someone is confident and knows what they want.

    We should all make an effort to include at least one sex resolution every year. Because, if you’re having good sex, you’ll be amazed to see that all your other ailments seem to improve or somehow float away. Maybe you’ll actually feel inspired to go on that jog after having multiple orgasms.

    Happy New Years!

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