8 Sexy & Thrifty Date Ideas

thrifty date ideas blog sex with emily
thrifty date ideas blog sex with emily

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Today we are handing out our top 8 sexy and thrifty date ideas, so you can spend time with your lover without breaking the bank.

We want to provide some cost effective ways to have fun with your boo, and bring some “oomph!” back into any relationship.

From chocolate to rock climbing, we’ve got it all. 



1- Dining Out Tricks  

Make it a Monday or Wednesday Night. Not as many people go out on these evenings, so it is easier to find a table.  On these nights, restaurants are more likely to offer promotions such as half off select bottles of wine. 


Find a cute bistro with a special or a fab happy hour and go for a romantic dinner.  Grab the wine list so your date does not think that you are cheap. Make sure you pick something they like though. Red wine can help to warm up, and is considered an aphrodisiac by some.


2-  Oral Fixation

Chocolate is an aphrodisiac, especially dark.  The ancient Mayans and Aztecs revered dark chocolate for its powers of erotic stimulation.  Alkaloids in dark chocolate increase brain serotonin levels, which heighten levels of pleasure. After eating chocolate the body produces dopamine, the brain chemical that surges during orgasm

For a romantic date at home, make chocolate fondue together. Dip in fruit, candy, marshmallows, or other items that you want into chocolate, and feed them to each other. Bonus points for licking it off each others bodies. For a cozy date, make homemade hot chocolate using real cocoa and snuggle under a blanket together.


3- Darts & Dives

Grab a few beers at the local dive bar, especially a heavier brew if the weather is cold.  Find out which bars have happy hour specials for extra value.  A TV is great, especially for Sunday or Monday football watching.   A place with a  pool table or dartboards brings added entertainment and good-natured (hopefully) competition.  The loser can owe the winner a song on the jukebox. Or oral. You choose. 



4- Spa Night 

Settle in for a night of pampering, no pricey spa required. Use empty wallets as an excuse to stay in — and up — all night. Relax with some CBD like Veritas Farms, to help shake off the day. Then, run a bubble bath and then treat each other to full-body massages.  

Set the mood with candles and massage oil.  Use a massage oil candle, for a double whammy. If the candle is too daunting, a luscious massage lotion does the trick. If the massage is getting a little frisky, move it to a genital massage with the some Organic Love Oil


5- Movie Magic 

Curl up in bed together and take turns picking steamy movies. Toss a coin to see whose pick you’ll watch first, and promise not to interrupt with bored sighs, eye-rolling, or snoring sound effects during each other’s choices. 

The movies can be sexy, like some ethical or classic porn, or even sex educational, such as sex education DVD’s. This one is particularly good for those chilly rainy nights. Get cozy, get steamy. 



6- Up the Wall   

Do you drive each other up the wall sometimes?   It happens in relationships.   Put on your sneakers and head to an indoor rock-climbing gym. Challenge each other to a race to the top and relieve sore muscles with a hot shower together afterward.  That adrenaline rush from exercise is also good for some post-workout nooky.


7- Bookstore Browsing 

After all, librarians are classically sexy and intelligence is a turn on.  Head to the bookstore and walk through the aisles together, showing each other your favorite books.  Flip through Emily’s Hot Sex or a Kama Sutra book for ideas for later.  Don’t worry, Hot Sex has lots of illustrations.

Trying picking two books, and reading aloud the sections that interest you to one another. Let the new information inspire a steamy night together. 

8- Online Shop… Naked  

Until nudist shopping malls arrive, the only way to shop nude legally is at home online.  A favorite for the holiday, The Womanizer. You can thank us later.


We hope this blog opened your eyes (and ignited your loins) to all the sexy ways you can have a thrifty date. Don’t let finances be a barrier to intimacy!




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