What’s Your “A-ha!” Sex Moment?

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Sometimes, there’s a moment in our lives where an idea seems to fall out of the sky, hitting us on the head, making us wonder how we’ve never thought of it before.

These moments are much like the apple falling on top of Isaac Newton, discovering gravity. While his was a bit more scientific (and crucial to humanity itself), others come in smaller forms, in many different areas.

We all have these moments, where we can finally breathe knowing we figured something out – even in our sex and dating lives.

Here at Sex With Emily, we love to hear about your pleasurable epiphanies! Our readers and listeners have had so many amazing moments that they’ve shared with us. So we asked if we could share them with you! There were so many wonderful revelations, but these ones really shined, and I’m sure these people are so glad these moments dawned on them.

If you haven’t had your sexual “oh” moment yet, don’t worry! It will come, and so will you. But if you need some inspiration, take a look at these!



This is probably the biggest “ohhhh” moment for me, and it’s something intangible but SO, SO important.

I’ve stopped PERFORMING sexual enjoyment, and started focusing on ACTUALLY FEELING IT. The change is insane. I’ve always been super sexually open and “wild” according to most partners, but it turns out, a lot of that was a highly conditioned, learned act (from porn mostly, and from the image in my head of what they wanted).

I am more wild now with my partner simply by being vulnerable and by being vocal about my actual desires and needs…and it’s seriously made all the difference.

P.S.  THE WOMANIZER. HOLY SH*T. PRAISE THE SEX TOY GODDESS (aka Emily). Turns out, I’m a squirter.

~ Karen, Age 32



My “A-ha” story is a vivid memory I have of a sexual experience with my now fiancé.  

We were 69’ing (which I deeply love) and half way through, he starts to gently rub my asshole, sending shockwaves through the rest of my body. I had never been touched there before by any other guy and I couldn’t believe how amazing it felt! The combination of stimulation on my clitoris and my asshole made for a mind-blowing orgasm. 

It was very difficult to hold back the moans, so as I reached orgasm, my throat completely relaxed and I deep throated him! He absolutely loved the bit of deep throat I did after he made me have the best “A-ha” of my life! I couldn’t stop talking about how amazing he made me feel, and to this day, he continues to do the same thing when he eats me out! I am so lucky to have an amazing man like him in my life!

~ Felicia, Age 31



The first revelation moment came from Emily (of course!) and that was how freaking amazing mutual masturbation can be!

My wife and I have a great love life and have always been completely accepting and encouraging of each other’s masturbation habits. It was a ton of fun for both of us. Somehow, watching your partner give themselves pleasure and bring themselves to orgasm can be almost as enjoyable and satisfying as doing it to them. We both really enjoyed it and knew we wanted to try it again soon.

The problem was that while we both enjoyed mutual masturbation, it was tough for us to ever agree to do that together instead of making love. Sometimes one of us would be up for it, but the other might want more. We found a fantastic solution for this that has worked out great for us. On Mondays, after getting through that first rough workday, at least one of us is often too tired to make love by the end of the day. It was in recognizing this, that Masturbation Monday was born!

Mutual masturbation is a blast and scheduling it takes some of the awkwardness out of integrating it into our sexual repertoire.

~ Garret, Age 36



I had an “A-ha” moment that was very memorable quite recently! I am bi-sexual and have been with two women in my history, but I never got scissoring.

It made no sense to me and just seemed silly. I was getting a dance and the dancer and I got quite intimate and she ended up grinding on me in a scissoring kind of motion! It made perfect sense when she did it and it was as if – where has this been my whole life?!

~ Caitlin, age 26


These people found their amazing moment. What’s your “A-ha!” moment going to be?

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