6 Things America Did for the World of Sex

world of sex

world of sex To celebrate America’s birthday, we made a list of America’s proudest contributions to the world of sex.

I’m not going to sit here sipping on my Coors and say that America invented doggie style. But we did invent the pill. 


6 Things America Contributed to the World of Sex


1. First Base

America’s love affair with baseball has inspired a slew of euphemisms. American boys spend most of their adolescence trying to get past first base (kissing) in hopes of unhooking a bra and someday even making a homerun (sex!). If only American men could be half as good at sex as they are at sports.

2. Online Dating

The first online dating website Match.com launched in 1993 with headquarters in Dallas, Texas. Leave it to America to commodify love and turn flirting into a game of how well you can market yourself online. But it’s difficult to completely bash America’s obsession with online dating since it creates new opportunities for meeting people with similar interests. There seems to be an online dating site for everyone whether you’re Mormon or Jewish, trying to get married or just trying to get laid.

3. Steak & Blow Job Day

There’s perhaps nothing more American than a day dedicated to white men, steak and blow jobs. Dissatisfied men created Steak and Blowjob day in reaction to Valentines Day, a supposedly female centric holiday. Exactly a month after V-day men hope their girlfriends will give them a blow job while marinating a steak.

world of sex

4. Getting it on in cars

No one is going to argue that Americans don’t love their cars. The invention of the car transformed courtship in America by giving young people a little privacy. The automobile gave Americans the freedom of the open road, or the freedom to pull over and get it on shamelessly in the backseat.

world of sex

5. The Pill

Thanks to the Feminist Movement and drug companies trying to cash in, the birth control pill was finally approved in 1960. Now American women can have sex for pleasure without the fear of procreation.

6. Viagra (the other pill)

America has granted old men the right to maintain their erections! God Bless America?

If you’re not already feeling extremely patriotic, go outside, deck yourself in red, white, and blue, and make your own contribution to the world of sex!


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