Since the first homo sapiens figured that sex could be better, humans (and let’s be honest, primarily dudes) have experimented with almost every possible combination of ingredients to increase their staying power, vigor, and desirability. Here’s a few of the least sexy options that have been in vogue in the past and present…




  • Crushed moths
  • Bull penis soup (popular in Jamaica and the Philippines, where it’s called ‘Soup #5’)
  • Goat soup (also a Jamaican treat)
  • Boiled donkey penis on a bed of lettuce – Easily found at Guo Li Zhuang, a Beijing restaurant entirely dedicated to penis dishes
  • Spiders – Both eating them, and being bitten by them in sensitive places
  • Spanish fly – A poisonous beetle whose juices cause genitalia to swell to grotesque sizes
  • Ambergis – Delicious bile procured from the digestive system of a sperm whale
  • Dog meat
  • Cobra Blood – Really? If you’re agile enough to collect it, you probably have the energy required for sex

In reality your sex drive is influenced by many different factors – genetics, your psychology, environment, lifestyle, and quality of relationship all play important roles. If you’re interested in libido enhancement try a natural supplement like Forta, which is made with Epimidium Brevicornum. The Epimidium leaves have been used since the  16th century in Asia to treat fatigue and enhance sex drive. Consult your doctor about making healthy, sensible steps towards increasing your energy and stamina.

Or, you know, you could always let a tarantula bite your junk.

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