The Lost Art of the Tease

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Tease blog sex with emilyAh, the art of the tease. It’s the best way to start up something steamy and the longer you savor the suspense, the better.

You know those delicious moments leading up to sex?

Imagine if you could prolong that sexual tension, the sizzling sense of anticipation and draw it out until you just can’t take it anymore.

You have to have each other right then, right there, right now.

Whoever came up with the phrase “The best things come to those who wait” was probably a big fan of the tease. After all, that’s the beauty of teasing.  Amplify the build-up and you ensure a much greater climax.

Another reason for teasing: It helps couples to slow down, and really enjoy the journey, instead of just focusing on the destination.



So you’re ready to tease. You have the perfect night in mind and you’re riddled with anticipation. How do you make sure your teasing goes smoothly and sexily? Here are some teasing tips:


Start It Off

Teasing starts long before you hit the bedroom! It can take place while you’re out to dinner, enjoying a movie, or in the car on the way home. Pretty much anywhere the mood starts to strike you.

Start off with a little eye contact to communicate your sexy thoughts. Use light touches and caresses to send subtle messages before you seductively whisper in their ear, letting them know what the rest of the night has in store for them.

Words are powerful tools of temptation, and spoken sexual desires are 100% legal to unleash in public, until you can make it home to act them out!


Take It Off… But Leave Some On

When we know we’re about to have sex, we have the tendency to tear off our clothes like basketball players who have just been called into the game. And once you’re completely naked, there’s really only one thing left to do…

Humans are visual creatures.  We love a good show! Instead of undressing at the speed of light, try slowing things down and undressing each other one piece at a time.

Take the time to appreciate how your partner looks, partially clothed and enjoy the feeling of the fabric against your skin as you touch each other.


Lip Tease

Kissing is one of those very erotic pre-sex activities that often gets shuffled aside in the race to orgasm, but there is nothing like a good old-fashioned make-out session to turn up the heat.

Play around and mix up those kissing techniques; alternate between soft, light kisses and long, deep kisses with lots of tongue.

You can also use your tongue to to bring heat to other parts of your partner’s body as well. Start off with some playful licks around the ears and neck, then let your tongue trail down to other erogenous zones.  

Don’t be afraid to use your teeth once in a while. Try a light nibble first to see how your partner responds, then build up to harder pressure.


The Power of Touch

The sexiest tease sessions are the ones that draw on all the senses. When you remove one sense, you heighten all the others. This is why experimenting with a blindfold, can really take teasing to the next level.

The less your partner can see, the more they can feel. Every touch all the more pleasurable and send their nerve endings into overdrive.

You can also try experimenting with some light bondage. Tie your partners hands behind their back, or to the headboard.  Use your lips, tongue, hands or any other props to tease them until they can’t take it anymore. Then it’s your turn!


Switch Up the Sensations

Part of the fun of teasing comes from being able to titillate your partner, so why not mix things up? While you have them blindfolded, tied up or just laid out for your teasing pleasure, take the opportunity to treat them to a variety of sensations.

Start off using your hands with light caresses, or a sensual massage, then bring other accessories into play.

Try using a silk scarf or a feather against your partner’s bare skin. Sweep them over your partner’s genitals, or trail them all over their body. This new sensation will be sure to tickle and tease them, and allows you to explore your partner’s contours and erogenous areas.


The secret to succeeding at teasing is being able to hold back and prolong the pre-sex seduction for as long as possible. I know you’re hot for each other and were ready to rip your partner’s clothes at the restaurant! But the point of teasing is to surrender to the build-up.

The best teases last until you feel like you can’t control your desire a single second longer. Now go out there and get teasing.



Originally posted on Patti Knows, Patti Stanger’s Website – The Lost Art of Teasing: Turn It Up For Great Sex

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