Ask Emily: How Can I Feel Confident in the Cowgirl Position?

elitedaily-mosuno-couple-sex (1)Q: Hi Emily,

I’m a 21-year-old woman who hates being on top during sex. I have never liked it. Aside from feeling like my guy is getting a really awful angle/view of my body, I just don’t feel like I do a good job. How can I incorporate being on top without feeling so uncomfortable?

Are there certain techniques I can try? I know I have to work on letting go of the idea that he’s seeing me from a bad angle, and I’m trying. What’s the best way to be on top? Am I doing it wrong? Ugh, help!

Vanessa, age 21

A: Dear Vanessa,

This is a great question—and trust me when I say you’re not alone in asking it. So many women can relate to feeling uncomfortable while in cowgirl position, and what it all boils down to is a lack of confidence. If we don’t feel sexy or know whether we’re pleasing our partner, why would we want to saddle up in the first place?

Letting go of those long-standing insecurities is easier said than done, but with a sex position as orgasmic as this one… Well, it might just be worth your time to learn how to rock on top.

Learn how to build up your Cowgirl confidence with tips from my latest article for Glamour’s Smitten column, “Ask Emily: How Can I Gain Some Confidence in the Cowgirl Position?



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