Ask Emily: Getting My Groove Back After Pregnancy

Babies are cute, little bundles of joy that become the apple of our eye. But after 9 months of caring a growing human inside of you, pushing it out during labor, and staying up long, exhausting hours, sex usually gets thrown on the back burner. Even when your doctor gives you the sex green light, none of these things are a great recipe for a high sex drive.

Thankfully, there are ways to get your body AND your brain back on board the pleasure train! Start thinking sexy thoughts, remind yourself the importance of other kinds of intimacy besides intercourse, and get all your muscles back in shape.

A great way to do that, is with the Intensity by Pour Moi. This handy device essentially does your Kegels for you–– and if you’re a fan of the show, you know how important those little work outs are.

Your sex drive may be low now, but with a few of these tips, you’ll have your groove back in no time!


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