ASK EMILY: How to Take My BJs All the Way

samanthaDear Emily,

I’ve been with my boyfriend for a while, and in most areas we’re very sexually compatible. But lately there’s been a problem in the blow job department: he takes FOOOOOOOREVER to finish. Don’t get me wrong, I love going down on a guy. I know from experience that I’m good at it, but with him my poor jaw gets tired and cramps up. Giving head is becoming a chore! What can I do to…speed up the process? Help!

Thank you! Lockjawed in Los Angeles

Dear Lockjawed,

Sounds like you have confidence in your oral skills, and that’s a crucial first step in giving a world class BJ, so you’re on the right track! It also sounds like you enjoy going down on your partner, which most men agree is crazy sexy. However, there are still plenty of cool tricks to enhance a BJ for both of you. 

Before getting into actual skills, it’s important to remember that if a man isn’t climaxing right away, it doesn’t mean he’s not enjoying himself or isn’t aroused by what you’re doing. Some men just have a harder time reaching climax through foreplay and oral only, so this likely has nothing to do with your performance.

Also, ask yourself if you really need to bring your boyfriend to orgasm every time you go down on him. Is climax the defining factor of successful blow job? Or could you both enjoy a delicious round of oral followed by some hot, climatic intercourse instead?

Find out how to enhance your skills and take your blow jobs all the way to the finish line in my latest blog for Glamour’s Sex Tips Column “How to Speed Up Blow Jobs and Make Them Better for Both of You“…


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