Ask Emily: How To Enjoy Morning Sex

jutarnji-seks-pinterest (1)Dear Emily,

What are your thoughts on morning sex when one person just isn’t a morning person?

My boyfriend and I have a great sex life, but he gets up early for work and sometimes tries to initiate morning sex.

I have never been a morning person, and until I get a cup of coffee, I am not very nice.

We have had morning sex before and it was great, but I feel like he would like to do it more often. What would you suggest?


Dear Sherri,

That’s a great question that has arisen for many couples with different preferences to sexual times and frequencies. The best solution is to compromise. You said the sex was great and he wants it more, so I would set expectations with him.

For example, let him know that you’d like to try and have sex one or two mornings a week. Perhaps you’d prefer morning sex one day on the weekend when neither of you feel rushed.


Sexual Intentions

It’s best to set intentions for sex so you’re not anxious every day that he’s going to try and have morning sex when you’re not in the mood.  Many people shun scheduling sex but the truth is, if you both know that Saturday morning is the sure thing, there isn’t as much pressure during the week.

Sex can still be great, even if you know when it’s going to happen. In fact, this takes away a lot of the anxiety that you both might have around sex. This means he won’t be trying to have sex when you’re not ready, and he won’t feel rejected if you’re not in the mood.

It’s really up to both of you what feels right and makes you both happy or at least satisfied with your sex life. You could also wake up a little earlier, have your coffee and then get back in bed. Or ask him to bring you a coffee in bed, and go down on you till you finish the cup…


Honest Conversations

Also, if there is some kind of sex that you like that you haven’t been getting from him, this is the perfect time to open up that discussion. Communication is key to good sex lives. For example, you could let him know that you love when he performs oral sex on you, and it really turns you on. Or perhaps you’d like to try some kinky sex.

Now is the perfect time to open up and talk about your relationship, and work on getting the sex life you both want and deserve.


Originally posted on Patti Knows, Patti Stanger’s Website: He Wants Morning Sex But You’re Not A Morning Person

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