Ask Emily: The Dirty Girl’s Guide to Cleaner Sex Toys

dsc_0412-2Dear Emily,

I’ve got a question about sex toy hygiene—I know you have a lot of sex toys and you use them pretty frequently. I am looking to step up my sex toy collection, but I’m worried about them remaining clean and sanitary for use. I’m 27 and haven’t had sex in a couple of years, but I want to start experimenting with myself. The only thing that’s holding me back is my fear of getting a yeast infection from dirty toys. What’s the best way to store and clean them? Also, is there a type of sex toy material that is bacteria resistant? Please help!

Xo, CJ

Dear CJ,

CJ, you’ve come to right place. Yes, I have a lot of sex toys and use them often. But not to worry, I’ve done the research so you don’t have to! And rest assured, you can step up your toy collection and be sanitary at the same time. While it’s way more fun to focus on the play part rather than the mundane clean up, it is imperative to clean your toys every time you use them, regardless of what the toy is made of. From medical grade steel, to silicone, to jelly, every toy must be cleaned, dried, and properly stored in the name of sexual health and hygiene.

It may sound like a lot of maintenance, but it sure is better than the alternative—the only thing less sexy than scrubbing your sex toys is what happens when you don’t. Let’s just say your bacterial concerns are right on the money. There are a few excellent ways to clean and disinfect your favorite sexy gadgets, and finding the best way will be a mix of what works for the toy, as well as best for you and your lifestyle.

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