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teach blog sex with emilyDespite what you may see in TV or movies, the best sex demands open and explicit communication. It’s unlikely that in two seconds and two halfhearted thrusts, you’ll be reaching your climax, overcome by endless waves of orgasm and howling with euphoria. 

Though your partner may really “get” you, and heck, they may even know how to make your body feel aaaamazing — it’s not always easy to express what we want to our partners. Let alone teach it.

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space blog sex with emilyThere’s no right time to hear that your partner “needs some space” from you and your relationship. It’s healthy to have your own lives, and good to talk about your boundaries. But sometimes it seems like “needing space” is a precursor for calling it quits. 

Of course, taking some time for yourself isn’t a bad thing. And your partner needing space doesn’t mean that you’re smothering them, or that your relationship is doomed. In fact, your partner saying they need space can be your inspiration to start living your own life too. 

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partner blog sex with emilyDespite what you see in tear-jerk rom-coms and 90’s teen dramas, being single isn’t some awful sickness or dangerous bad thing to be “saved” from. Dating isn’t like showing up to a restaurant completely starving, ready to order exactly what you want, to fill you up entirely.

Dating is like taking yourself out to dinner and then stopping for an espresso or ice cream cone on the way home. A partner is an addition or extra to your already vibrant and beautiful life, it’s not your whole life. 

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temperature blog sex with emilyThough someone acting hot and cold is a total drag, consensually acting with hot and cold can bring your bedroom routine into a whole new climate. No matter who you are, adding new sensations between the sheets can help you and your partner discover new things about your own bodies and desires.

You can rub an ice cube down your partner’s back or use a heated massage oil. Either way, incorporating temperature play into your sex life is an exciting and arousing way to connect with your partner.  

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queer holiday blog sex with emilyWhile the holiday season can be stressful for everyone, it has to be, like, ten million times more stressful for queer people.

From dodging intrusive questions from judgmental family members about your haircut or clothing to continually validating that your very romantic and sexual partner is not just your “friend” — it’s not always easy to be holly and jolly when you’re feeling questioned, erased, or straight up unsafe. 

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penetration blog sex with emilyOf all the misconceptions about sex (and there are many), one of the biggest is that penetration is always the main course. We’ve been taught to believe that penile-vaginal insertion equals sex. This is not the whole truth.

Sure, it’s a component of what “sex” is, but it isn’t the end-all be-all. There’s so much more to sex than the P & the V. 

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gender blog sex with emilyDiving into dirty talk can seem super intimidating. But using your lips (yes, the ones on your face) is easier than you may think. When it comes to talking dirty, being empowering and inclusive as you turn up the volume is the sexiest thing of all.

Whether you’re a gender non-conforming babe, an all-affirming partner, or you just like to keep your dirty talk as versatile as possible, here are some tips for bedroom talk that turns up the heat while shutting down the gender binary. Continue Reading

IRL blog sex with emilyIn 2019, the idea meeting your special someone IRL, and *not* on an app can feel more outdated than flip phones and plastic straws.

Of course, falling in love in old fashion way isn’t just possible, it’s easier than you may realize. And whether you’re totally #over the apps or just want to get better at meeting people IRL, these tips will have you off your phone and in the zone.

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