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Emily Lin

It’s not just their size; it’s their exotic nature and strong personalities.  The Giants, or, “Los Gigantes” have a lot of Latino woven into the team.  Hector Sanchez, Jose Mijares, Marco Scutaro, and Gregor Blanco all hail from Venezuela. Santiago Casilla and Guillermo Mota are both from Dominican Republic.  Outfielder Angel Pagan  (what a name!) is from Puerto Rico originally. Continue Reading

Model, Elizabeth Charles Boutique

My girlfriend recently texted me a crotch shot from Elizabeth Charles, a high end boutique and e-commerce site.   Located in New York, San Francisco,  and now Newport Beach, Elizabeth Charles carries an array of unique brands attractive to “discerning” clientele such as Charlize Theron and models Helena Christenson,  Karoline Kurkova and Gemma Ward.  Train-wreck and crotch-shot extraordinaire Lindsey Lohan is also a fan.  Looks like Lohan’s fashion sense has rubbed off on one of Elizabeth Charles’ choice designer lines. Continue Reading

Unbutton Like a Good Girl...

The Sinclair Institute, a sex education company promoting “better relationships and better sex,” carries sex toys and their own line of erotic films.  I chose to watch “The Voyeur” from the Romance Collection, a female erotica series and learned some life lessons in addition to sex tips.  Linda, a tall, thin, redhead with a European accent is the aunt of Brenda, who is blonde and beautiful, but uptight.  Brenda seeks Linda’s advice as her marriage begins to stale.  Linda’s words throughout the movie are wise. Continue Reading

Dirty Martini (Salt Licked Off)

My first day of work I had my pick of extra small and small  tanks and tees— all  very soft and  versatile.  Black with white nondescript writing—“Masque”—a cool, and in fact somewhat hipster slogan.  The tank I chose matched with everything, and reminded me of previously purchased American Apparel items, except with a very supportive  built-in bra.  I wore it promptly. Continue Reading

Around since the '80's but still going...

On October 3, Emily sat in on Judith Regan’s radio talk show, analyzing the current culture of sexuality and womanhood,  taking into account social media and female erotica-abundant culture.  Items discussed included a women-only masturbation bar in Tokyo, and the proliferation of BBW’s (big black women). 50 Shades of Grey, by EL James, a book surpassing Harry Potter in number of sales, exemplifies female erotica literature, as well as the Crossfire series, written by Sylvia Day who was also on the show. Continue Reading

Happy Christopher Columbus Day!

In 1971 the second Monday in October was designated as an official holiday to celebrate Christopher Columbus’s October 12, 1492,  arrival in the Americas.  To some, Columbus has a reputation for discovering the continent; to others, he is guilty of pure exploitation, mainly of land and Native American people.  A sex act  is even named after him in’s modern-day debasement. Continue Reading

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