Bondage At the Library, 50 Shades of Grey

There is something about the sexy librarian look that has male fantasy longevity.  However, Tuesday, October 2, Emily discussed something more hard-core at the San Francisco Public Library-BDSM, in honor of National Banned Books week. 

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Cancer and Sexual Health

Very few oncologists or women discuss the the impact of cancer on sex even though this issue is prevalent.  The Journal of Sexual Medicine reports that 7 in 10 breast cancer survivors experience sexual problems in the two years after diagnosis.   Treatment for most types of cancer involve sexual side effects.   Women should not give up the joy of sex in order to battle disease.

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Doctor’s Orders: Kegels for the Prostate

“The only time a man ever hears about Kegels is when he has prostate cancer.”

—“G,” 50 years old, prostate cancer victim and friend

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Rosh (O!) ‘Shanah

Jewish Stars are Sexy Too!

L’shanah Tovah!  Or,  “Happy New Year” in Hebrew.  Monday marks the first day  of Rosh Hashanah, the first of two “high holidays” in  Judaism, which fall on day 1 and 2 in the Hebrew Calendar month Tishrei.  The second holiday, Yom Kippur, falls eight days after Rosh Hashanah.   Since Yom Kippur is a Day of Atonement,  in which we abstain from foods and sex,  we can even appreciate Rosh Hashanah (or, as we say “O” Shanah, since the “H” is silent) even more for getting freaky .  Even if you are not a Member of the Tribe we encourage celebration.

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Christian Lube-A-Ton

Announcing some history and a joke from Emily Morse’s office, where we love our Louboutins, “Lubes“….

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Diva Night

It wasn’t a typical Tuesday as San Franciscans traded in their North Face gear for  cocktail dresses, pocket squares and heels to celebrate Emily Morse and Amy Laurent, co-stars from Miss Advised, book signing at Swig.  Amy signed copies of 8 Weeks to Everlasting: A Step-By-Step Guide to Getting  (and Keeping!) the Guy You Want and Emily signed copies of Hot Sex: Over 200 Things You Can Try Tonight.  We can try a lot.

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I Wanna Be Naked Creme

I have become so fed up with foamy, gelatinous, fake floral or fruity  scented shave creams and gels that I have gotten into the habit of lazily smothering hair conditioner on my legs and nether regions before a shave.   Or, I re-use my Venus “built in shaving cream” razor over and over until there is no shaving cream in it any more; and, then, use it beyond….

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Labor Day Laid Over

So, it’s the end of the summer, body tanned and hair is bleached. It’s time to flaunt and use it before drab winter layering comes into play.  Bbq, beers and frozen daiquiris won’t show up on the figure until after the weekend and everyone is just hotter and hornier for the last summer vacation of the year.

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Ten Kinky Candies at Your Corner Store

*Disclaimer-   The below items are only intended to be used for flirting, ingestion and maybe a sex game or two.  Sugar inserted into crevices can lead to infection.   Go to a specialty source, such as Nature Lovin’ Lubricant  if you want to experience a raspberry cheesecake or banana custard flavor down there.  Also, note that fat and calories in each product are essentially negligible and will be more than worked off in the act.  No worries about staying svelte!



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Next Year We Want An Invite – Ode to Ivan the “Peaceman” and His Parties

Why weren’t we invited?!  Hopefully the weather, water and parties in San Francisco will heat up soon…

On August 21, Sir Ivan Wilzig, also known as the “Peaceman, “ threw his annual Hamptons bash at his medieval-style estate, “The Castle,” in Watermill, New York, dubbed the  “Playboy Mansion” of the East Coast.

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