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Sex with Emily Intern

Cock rings have been around for as long as there’s been cocks for them to be around. Now, there might not be archaeological evidence supporting that, but the point is, they’re just one of those things that, unless you grew up Amish, you’ve been aware of for a long time. But how many people have actually used them? Intern Steve gets to the bottom of the cock ring in this new audioblog.
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Porn fills many voids in a guy’s life. Tuesday nights, for example. But you don’t really learn much from porn – apart from that you are woefully physically inadequate as a man, and at that age 29, women become considered “mature” and are relentlessly preyed upon  upon by Milf Hunters. Plus, you’re watching two people acting, and with fairly uninspired cinematography at that. On the other hand, you can read as many Men’s Health guides to “making her hypothalamus explode with pleasure” as you want, but ultimately their tips are as abstract as the generic male brains they write for. Without a demonstration, these articles are simply rote memorization of instructions. What we need is educational porn; Porn with a Purpose…

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As everyone with access to any form of print, visual, or braille media is well aware, England’s regal redhead Prince Harry was caught by cameras with his breeches down last weekend in Las Vegas, presumably leaving his grandmother r-AHther miffed as she tries to respectfully observe her Diamond Jubilee. Continue Reading

Since the first homo sapiens figured that sex could be better, humans (and let’s be honest, primarily dudes) have experimented with almost every possible combination of ingredients to increase their staying power, vigor, and desirability. Here’s a few of the least sexy options that have been in vogue in the past and present…

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The Kama Sutra is commonly portrayed as the Old Testament of bone-age. It’s name conjures up images of lovers entwined like coital pretzels on palace floors. However, in reality only one seventh of the two thousand year old Kama Sutra features its famous graphic depictions of inventive sexual positions. Leading Sanskrit scholar A.N.D. Haksar aims to set the record straight with Kama Sutra: The Art of Pleasure, which is creating a stir for its intellectual, rather than sensual pleasures. Continue Reading

When it comes down to shaving down there you do it for one of two reasons– for yourself or for a significant other. I have done it for both. It mostly depends on if I’m sexually active and dating. When it comes to sex I don’t  really like to have a lot of hair on my butt, balls and pubic area. Shaving down there has been an on and off again routine for me  but overtime I’ve learned the process of operation for this hairy situation….

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When it comes to supporting the troops, most settle for hoisting a flag, giving a half-sober thumbs up to someone in fatigues on Memorial Day, or watching portions of ‘Patton’ on AMC.
But the patriots at sex toy firm RealTouch have laid siege to bored, everyday expressions of gratitude by promising to bring the cutting edge of virtual sex to the homes of 1,000 military wives.

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Diamonds have always been a girl’s best friend. That is, until I met my new BFF’s– premium vibrators.

The Mystic Wand Waterproof Vibrator is my new favorite. It’s a clitoral stimulator with different speeds, which satisfy the new sex toy user as well as vibrator connoisseurs. I should also mention that the Mystic is the little sister of the Hitachi Magic Wand, one of the most powerful vibrators in the world. Continue Reading

Every New Ager tattooed with a yin and/or yang knows that balance is the way of the Universe. And while this balance can inspire many a moment of peaceful reflection, in the world of sex toys it means that unfortunately, for every quiet, upstanding and responsible night spent in with a vibrator, there’s always going to be some woman bashing a cop in the face with a dildo. So as sex toys continue their march towards omnipresence, the recent large, phallic spike in sex toy crimes should come as no surprise.

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