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Photo by Pineapple Supply Co. on Unsplash

You know those movies you can watch a thousand times over and over again and never get sick of?

The ones that always make you laugh, or cry, or just touch you in a special place deep inside?

Well, your favorite movies can now touch you in a much more literal sense (deep inside) thanks to the creative geniuses behind porn parodies.

Get ready to ‘roll camera’ and screen your most cinematic fantasies! Continue Reading

Whether you’re trying to spice up your sex life, or your lover is geographically removed from you, video sex can be a fun exciting addition to your repertoire.

Online video messengers such as Facetime, WhatsApp, and Skype offer users juicy options to explore their own video fantasies.




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It’s no surprise that we all crave a little heat in our personal and shared sex lives. Whether with a partner or alone, our carnal instincts tend to fan the flames of our blazing infernal libidos. Nothing’s quite as hot as that fire, but the widely-popular Fleshjack Ice sure is heating up the bedroom!

In a highly competitive world of designer Fleshlights and male masturbators, it can be a tricky process selecting the perfect product for you and your manhood. Thankfully, Fleshjack offers a wide variety of simulating sex orifices, all expertly designed to get you off. Everything from porn star molds to aerodynamic designs are available for your personal – or shared – use. And if you’re looking for something that’s cold as fire but hot as ice, prepare to be blown away by the Fleshjack Ice and its crazy-cool presentation! Continue Reading

Vibratex Black PearlThe highly coveted G-spot, and how we talk about it, makes it sound like something straight out of a fairy tale. Like unearthing a stash of buried treasure, discovering one’s own G-spot– which oftentimes differs for each of us– can unlock the difference between an orgasm and a near out-of-body experience.

For us males, the equivalent of this hidden gem would be the prostate, or the P-spot. It’s no secret that a man’s prostate can stimulate his sex organ in unspeakable ways, and eventually lead to an explosive climax. Enter the Black Pearl from Vibratex. If diamonds are a girl’s best friend, then the Black Pearl is most definitely a guy’s best friend. A gentle-yet-powerful male vibrator, the Black Pearl places the stimulation right where you need it most. “X” most certainly marks the spot!

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Kyle goes undercover in leather and chains to report on the Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco. 

Leather restraints. Chrome harnesses. Public masturbation. These may sound like the ingredients for a gruesome gang bang, but they’re actually requisite elements of San Francisco’s underground BDSM scene. For the duration of one Sunday in September however, the usually-private S&M subculture thrusts its way out onto the streets and into the appetites of excited crowd-goers. Continue Reading

If fairy tales teach us anything, it’s that happy endings do exist. In the case of a happy ending coming in the form of an explosive orgasm, we can agree that this key theme in myth lore appears fairly often for many. How we set about in obtaining this ‘happy ending’ differs with each person and now…sexual orientation. Continue Reading

Click for Love

Searching for love in all the right places can sometimes be much more depressing and infuriating than we would like. Whether the stars align, destiny unfolds, or we wake up to a cute text message from that special someone, there’s nothing us single humans crave more than a little romance… Continue Reading

Looks vs. Love

Do looks really matter? If love is all we need, then why are we so consumed by physical appearances to justify our romances? As a species that encourages vanity and materialism, humans are often corrupted by the idea that happiness exists at face value: the better you look, the happier you are. But if true happiness and beauty lie within, it’s possible to appreciate the look of love without focusing on the ‘look’ itself. Stop scrutinizing and start fantasizing!…
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Sex in a Can

What’s the difference between a sex toy and a real-life partner? Quite a bit actually, but the lines between authentic and artificial are becoming blurred thanks to the life-like qualities of the Fleshjack masturbator collection (both gay and straight). For those not familiar with this specific breed of male masturbation utensil, fleshlights are miniature orifice-adorned contraptions that simulate sexual intercourse of the preferred gender. In other words, “sex in a can.” Continue Reading

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