The MDNA of Sexuality

As the disembodied sounds of church bells and wind chimes echo over a gothic cathedral setting, a sumo-sized thurible smokes and swings heavily over the excited crowd. Robed monks pace and strut as they begin to call out the female Demon waiting patiently behind a giant stained-glass cross. The archways slowly begin to open and allow a blinding stream of light to bleed onto the audience, when the holy words “Oh my God” erupt over the speakers.

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Political Perverts

Politics aren’t exactly sexy. They’re messy, full of secrets, and can get you insanely heated in a matter of seconds. Okay, so politics do seem to possess certain attributes that many of us can relate to in the bedroom and in our intimate lives. Many male politicians make it their sworn duties to preserve the ‘moral integrity’ of our country, but commonly find themselves pelvis-deep in sticky and often time salacious sex scandals.

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Wear Your ‘Hard-On’ Your Sleeve

It’s no secret that men are naturally horny creatures. I can vouch for this when I say I masturbate almost once a day — I’m not ashamed to admit this, I’m actually quite proud of my manhood. Whether by hand or with the additional help from an outside device, masturbating is one of the most rewarding male pastimes. For one reason or another a lot of men seem to be intimated by the idea of introducing their most-prized appendage to a sex toy. If you can get past the fear of the unknown you’re in for a wild ride!

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