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Sarah Robinson


Ooooooh, Baddies! Sorry guys, not talking about the pop culture urban dictionary definition of baddie. No, my focus is on the google definition of the word: villain.  

Why are we attracted to the perennial “bad boy” or “bad girl” or “non-gender conforming individual?” People that just aren’t good for us?

It’s a universal theme that transcends across cultures, ages and time.


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Seduction; not to be confused with manipulation or grotesquely flaunting your sexuality as a means to an end. No – think of seduction as a lifestyle skill. A spice to add to your routine, flavor up your day, and perpetuate your own enjoyment! We all are capable of honing this skill, and yet it is often forgotten, or looked at in a less than positive light.

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It’s May, and it’s time to celebrate! Summer is on the horizon, school’s letting out, vacation and mini road trips are edging closer. So, why not celebrate by edging yourself into a stress relieving, treat yo-self, orgasm?

This May, mutual masturbation is monopolizing all our senses. Not to take the limelight off of the solo sessions that we all love. However, it takes a level of intimacy, trust, or just hella horniness to cross that mutual masturbation threshold with a beau. Oh, and it’s incredibly hot.

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Whether you’re swiping left or right in your dating life it’s hard to neglect the fact that in modern day romance we’re faced with an abundant of options. From real life interactions, apps, dating web services, etc. – there are a variety of interfaces we can utilize to connect with one another. In addition to the evolution of transportation; we can meet dating potentials across cities, states, countries and oceans.


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