Baby’s First Sex Toy

300It wasn’t until I was in a long-term relationship that I truly discovered how to make myself orgasm. The sex was great, but I couldn’t get to where I wanted to go. I discovered it was because, honestly, I didn’t know what my destination was. Once I explored myself though, it was like getting hit in the face with a big, fat DUH. So, I learned where I was heading, and things were that much better.

However, being single now, and only having a few flings here and there, I’ve realized that when I’m alone, just using my hands is fine, but it gets stagnant and boring. I have always been pretty open about sex and trying new things, but I had never really considered taking the leap into the realm of sex toys. I’d even bought one for a friend as a gift, but never for myself. Recently though, my mind began to wonder what I may be missing out on, so I figured, “hey, why not give it a shot?”

Then, I was introduced to my first sex toy: Je Joue’s Mimi Soft. WOW. Can I just say for those who have been interested in trying sex toys and haven’t yet, whether it be for personal use or with a partner: there is absolutely no reason to wait. It’s amazing. Curiosity definitely killed this cat… with pleasure. Je Joue’s Mimi is a small, egg shaped vibrator for clitoral stimulation. It was recommended to me as a starter toy, and I love it. It has different levels of vibration and different pulsating patterns, which is great because, if you’re like me and know how to get yourself off, you may tend to stick with a routine. But, with multiple patterns of vibration, you get different sensations that can show you other ways to achieve orgasm. Adjusting the vibration level helps with duration as well. Some moments, you want to take your time, tease yourself, just truly enjoy it. Other times, you just want to jet into climax town. Mimi can let you decide. Plus, it’s pretty quiet, making the worry of someone hearing you nonexistent… unless you’re a loud person when you orgasm. Mimi can’t help you with that. Another cool thing is that it’s totally water safe, which is great for me because I enjoy a steamy shower every now and again. This also makes keeping it clean so much easier because it is, after all, an electronic device. And you MUST wash it, like every time that you use it. This seemed obvious to me because you know, juices, but people do have different levels of “proper hygiene,” so it’s a point I’d like to make clear.

Je Joue definitely gets bonus points for their presentation as well. The box is elegant and small, similar to what a nice perfume would be placed in. The packaging made me feel classy just by looking at it. Its size is perfect for easy storage too; it can easily fit in a bedside table, in the closet, under the bed, etc. Mimi, when fully charged, will last for two hours, so charging after every use isn’t necessary. But remember, DO NOT use your Mimi while it’s plugged in or you may experience a sensation that is not so pleasuring. Pretty much, make sure to read the directions. Not that it’s hard to use at all, but you don’t want to accidently hurt yourself. What a story that would be to tell.

My advice to those of you who are thinking about using sex toys is to start here. Play around with the settings the first few times and find out what you like, especially if you have trouble reaching orgasm, or have never had one. Mimi Soft may be small, but size definitely does not matter here.

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