Better Oral Sex Techniques

Porn fills many voids in a guy’s life. Tuesday nights, for example. But you don’t really learn much from porn – apart from that you are woefully physically inadequate as a man, and at that age 29, women become considered “mature” and are relentlessly preyed upon  upon by Milf Hunters. Plus, you’re watching two people acting, and with fairly uninspired cinematography at that. On the other hand, you can read as many Men’s Health guides to “making her hypothalamus explode with pleasure” as you want, but ultimately their tips are as abstract as the generic male brains they write for. Without a demonstration, these articles are simply rote memorization of instructions. What we need is educational porn; Porn with a Purpose…

And why not? Whether it’s attaining a rippling abdominal wall or selling Pier 1 products, every facet of our lives can be – and probably has been – put into an educational video; simplified and methodically explained by non-union actors and a low-budget motion graphics team. So why should sex be any different?

This is where the Sinclair Institute® steps in with their video guides to better sex. While their films do feature real, sweaty coitus, spending time with Sinclair isn’t the same as porn viewing. For example, there’s a 100% lack of plot rather than merely a semblance of one, and the soundtracks are markedly less bass-driven. Sinclair videos star normal couples rather than futuristic uber-breasted orgasmbots, and even have follow ups with sex therapists, as well as said couples, who explain why they performed the maneuvers they did.

I spent this past weekend with Sinclair’s Better Oral Sex Techniques, boning up on different techniques of pressure, timing, and positions. And good God I felt like an idiot. Back in high school I found a grainy video guide to cunnilingus through the majesty of Kazaa, and after a week and a half of downloading it via the family’s 56k connection, my 17 year old self  undeservedly considered himself a master of the cunnilingal craft, not bothering to understand why he should do what the blurry woman on the screen said. For better or worse, that video has stuck with me, and I’ve since robotically done things with my tongue for no real reason. For example, after watching  Better Oral Sex Techniques I realized that at no point in the past had I considered utilizing the underside of my tongue.

Better Oral Sex Techniques leaves you not only with ideas for better performance but an understanding of why these moves work, and above all else, the importance of communication in finding the right, unique way to please your partner.

Next up, Expanding Sexual Boundaries. Stay tuned.


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