Could Your Sexual Hygiene Be Better?

Although it feels great, there’s no denying that sex isn’t always the cleanest act. And with everyone’s germ-awareness at a heightened state, it’s probably a good time for a brush up on sexual hygiene. 

You get sweaty, are dealing with bodily fluids, and sometimes you have the rest of a day to jump into afterward!

Which means no matter what your relationship status is, staying on top of your intimate hygiene isn’t just a suggestion—it’s a requirement.


For some, the clean routine comes to them easier than for others. Regardless, always being mindful of sexual hygiene do’s and don’ts keeps everyone healthy and ready to play.


Ground Rules For Genitals

Regardless of your gender, there’s a handful of healthy hacks to keep in mind for staying clean and healthy.

Because our intimate areas are some of the most sensitive on the entire body, your hygienic habits before, during and after sex each play an important part in staying fresh and infection-free.



For People With Penises

You want to give it a good wash each day. Everything from exercising and heavy lifting, to masturbating and having sex can stir up the sweat glands that live down below. So you can think of your penis just as you would your armpits…potential for odor included.

However, the skin around the penis is extra delicate. So even though you want to be diligent about washing, don’t scrub too hard or with a lot of body wash that could be irritating.

Be sure to clean off all bodily fluids rather promptly after they arrive. Especially for those who are uncircumcised, be mindful to not let anything get trapped underneath the foreskin. It can become a breeding ground for bacteria. Not very sexy. 


For vulva-owners

Great news, vaginas are self-cleaning! However, the vulva (outer and inner labia) should be washed. Those hair follicles holding the sweat gland excretions need proper cleansing because additional odor-causing bacteria can thrive and build up in a warm, moist, tightly-covered-with-clothing environment. Urine is also a contributor to this mix.

So, rituals for washing are important. While you certainly want to keep things fresh, what you’re using to do so is super important. You want to steer clear of using any regular soap, perfumes or lotions around (and inside) your intimate areas. These can seriously disrupt the natural balance of your vagina.

The vulva is a delicate eco-system with a specific pH that should not be disrupted. Any washes used on the vulva should have a pH of 5. Products with different pH levels can disrupt your body’s natural pH, leading to irritation, discomfort and, possibly, infections. Never wash with regular soaps, body washes or body gels because many contain high pH levels and non-hypoallergenic fragrance ingredients that are not correctly formulated for intimate area skin. Most vulvas are perfectly fine with a water-only wash, or a gentle PH balanced cleanser like DeoDoc if needed. 


Under Where?

In addition to washing technique, the type of underwear you slip into each day can also make an unsuspecting difference. Of course, we all love the lace and thongs, but they tend to get pretty stifling. So throw some regular cotton options into the mix while at it to give your bits the chance to breathe…and ward off any potentially looming yeast infections. If you can’t get down with all cotton panties, look for ones that at least have a 100% cotton gusset. 

Also, please skip the douching. Even though it may sound like a good idea, it can wreak havoc on your pH balance. Douching can cause discomfort and even infection. Vaginas have a delicate microbiome (yes, just like your gut), which can be easily disrupted. 


Sexy time hygiene

Once you’ve gotten the basics down, it’s onto the next phase of the cleanliness quest: what to do with a partner.


Pre-Sex Hygiene

Healthy habits leading up to sex are luckily pretty straightforward. First off, you want to stay on top of getting routinely tested for STIs. That way you know your status and comfortably talk about it with any partners ahead of time.

When it comes to leading up to the deed itself, the simplest-sounding yet totally crucial step is washing your hands. You know, to avoid getting anything…unwanted inside your genital areas.

In addition to hand washing, be mindful of what you’re sticking where to best prevent infection down the line. DO NOT go from anus to vagina without a proper scrub in between.


Post-Sex Hygiene

One of the most effective ways to help clear out bacteria after sex is simply using the restroom. After all that sexual contact, bacteria tends to get lodged up in the urethra, so flushing yourself out before it gets the chance to further spread is one of the best things you can do.

I know, it sounds annoying—but more annoying than having to deal with a UTI? We didn’t think so. If you’re prone to UTI’s (which many people with vulva’s are due to their shorter urethra), there are a few extra steps you can take to avoid the UTI. 


Drink a large glass of water pre-sex, so you’ll have plenty in the tank to pee out afterwards. Plus, sometimes a full bladder helps push any objects in the vagina towards the g-spot, Some people find taking cranberry-extract and probiotics daily help also. 

Externally speaking, there’s a lot to consider, too. Soft surfaces have a way of absorbing germs, debris, and other fluids, so it only makes sense that regularly changing your sheets after getting busy on them is another solid way to keep things clean.

You may want to have a little rinse off in the shower post-sex too, plus it might even turn into some steamy shower-sex


Proactive Sexual Hygiene Products

With great technique should come an arsenal of great tools as well. Luckily, there’s a slew of great products on the market these days to help with the mission of intimate freshness.

DeoDoc, in particular, is a line of personal products specially formulated to help keep vulva-owners feeling fresh. It’s all hypoallergenic, paraben-free and made to maintain your natural downstairs pH, which renders the threat of itch, odor and all-around discomfort a thing of the past! 

Beyond keeping the body clean, you want to do the same for anything you put inside it. Which means disinfectants like Renew Toy Cleaner are an essential part of the bathroom cabinet as well. Sanitizing all of our sensual tools helps protect the body from harmful bacteria entering it in the first place. Plus, with this spray on/wipe off formula, it couldn’t be any easier.


Even certain lubes can help with the cleanliness cause, like Woo More Play and its four, key health-hacking ingredients. The coconut oil contains medium chain fatty acids that kill bacteria, viruses, and other germs. While the stevia also helps reduce bacteria in your mouth.

Because Woo More rock our socks off, they also have an incredible product called ‘Freshies‘. These all natural, individually wrapped and pre-moistened towelettes made with organic ingredients like aloe vera extract, cranberry, vanilla water and coconut water. And of course, they’re PH balanced, and free of alcohol, parabens, dyes, and they’re hypoallergenic.

So after any romp between the sheets, you can sleep easy knowing your body is in clean, all-natural company.


Half of being sexually clean is simply being proactive, so after getting the hang of these hygienic rituals, you know you’re doing right by your body – and can focus more on hotter sex!


Alex Anderson is an LA-based lifestyle designer proactively raging against the cultural grain. By day she works in television production, and by night enjoys writing, sewing and seeking guidance from the stars. She also finally has an all black kitty named “Cher.” You can follow her website and on Instagram!
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