Double-scoop ice cream. Two-headed sheep. Buy-one-get-one free. If random pairings of our favorite things can exist daily, why can’t we treat our sex lives the same?

We are conditioned to accept the idea that we will only be satisfied when we find that special someone to settle down with. But cornering ourselves in our comfort zones only limits us in the long-run. I’m  talking about bisexuality– the sexuality that gives you options! So if you’re feeling somewhat adventurous or frisky, why not try a little sexperimentation? It’s time for the two-for-one deal!

As a young gay man who has explored the many facets of homosexuality, I can comfortably say that I embrace who I am. Just as heterosexuals are comfortable having sexual relations with the opposite sex, the gayborhood thrives on the love and lust with their own kind.

However, there are many people who are unsatisfied having to choose between the two options– gay or straight. While some people may think it’s a cop-out not to commit to a specific sexual preference, I see it as wanting to taste every flavor in the candy store. Bisexuality is about being open-minded  and dating a person for who they are, regardless of their gender.

Many people treat bisexuality as a temporary sexual phase – something people will eventually grow out of. However, in the last decade many popular figures have openly embraced bisexuality and it has finally come into its own.  Terms like “polyamorous” and “pansexual”  evoke colorful images of mix-matching sexual partners. But the truth is all of these definitions are unique in their own ways. Bisexuality may want to mix things up from time to time, but there’s never been any harm in changing things around.

I’ve encountered people who seem to have huge issues with bisexuality. But people’s opinion that bisexuality is an excuse for not coming out of the closet is beside the point. People are entitled to try things out at their own pace. Just because you and I may be comfortable with our sexualities doesn’t necessarily mean that everyone on this earth has to feel the same way. If someone wants to love a different sex at various points in his or her life, then more power to them. We may try to separate the pole from the hole, but at the end of the day, there’s no getting around biology – or bisexuality

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