Beginners Guide: Using Cannabis for Intimacy

Using cannabis to increase sexual health, activate sexual energy and enhance sensuality is cutting edge.

To fully understand how cannabis can increase one’s intimacy, we first need to know what cannabis is.



Cannabis 101

Cannabis is a plant that grows on every continent except for Antarctica. It is an herb, not a drug, nor a gateway to other drugs. Used as a guide for spiritual growth and development by cultures for thousands of years, Cannabis is a long-revered plant. This is largely due to the medicinal effects cannabis has on the mind, body, and soul. It is through sharpening these effects that we learn to increase intimacy.


Cannabis works with the bodies endocannabinoid system, which consists of the limbic, brain and immune systems. The limbic brain is the portion of the brain that deals with three key functions: emotions, memories, and arousal.

Cannabinoids are compounds found in cannabis, which connect to various receptors in the body. When we consume cannabis, these compounds enter our bloodstream, activating these receptors like a lock and key. These receptors play a key role in regulating mood, memory, appetite, sleep, and reducing inflammation in the human body.


Ways to Use Cannabis

Today, we have a wide variety of ways to receive these benefits. Whether you prefer smoking, eating or vaping – there’s just about something for everyone. If you prefer to avoid THC, there are many incredible CBD (non-psychoactive) options to choose from, such as the Karezza ‘In The Moment’ Spray.

Here are some suggestions for methods of pairing cannabis with sexual intimacy.


Flower is the bud of the plant that produces what we know as cannabis, and is the most pure and primal way to consume cannabis. If you’re looking for an experience that is ritualistic or sacred, then I suggest flower.

Bringing awareness to all your senses – touching, seeing, smelling, hearing and tasting your cannabis can activate wilder sexuality. Using the five senses is a Tantric way of bringing the primal online, for a portal into trance-like flow states, especially in sexual experiences.



Edibles such as brownies, lollipops, or gummies are great options for those who don’t want to smoke, and those who prefer the effects last for a longer period. This can be great for longer, more creative experiences.

Also because the effects of edibles take longer to feel, the anticipation of the high is an exciting part of the experience.



Suppositories are tampon-shaped molds that can be used anally or vaginally, and are finally getting their time in the spotlight! They are a great option for those who want the benefits of cannabis without the traditional head high.

Not only for light-hearted use, they can also be incredible tools for relieving PMS symptoms, pain during penetration, and/or vaginal dryness.


Dosing Cannabis for intimacy

Whichever option you choose to use, be careful not to overdo it. Practice “Microdosing.” That means going slow and going low. When experimenting with cannabis, you want to dose low, feel the effects, and then add more if desired.

Remember, you can always add more but you can’t take away!


Getting Frisky With Your Cannabis

Both cannabis and sexual intimacy can bring you into altered states of consciousness, so when paired together the benefits can be magical, pleasurable, and maybe even orgasmic. This is largely affected by how you show up to a sexual experience and what you intend to get out of it.

When bringing cannabis into your sexual practice, it’s important to set the intention for why you’re bringing cannabis into your sacred sexual practice. Use cannabis during or solo or partnered sex, and if you’re bringing someone into an experience with you, set the intention together. 

Try asking yourself: Why am I bring cannabis into my sexual intimacy? What am I hoping to get out of the experience? How will cannabis enhance my experience?


Sacred Sensual Space

A big part of intentionality is about setting the space, because when you create a ritual space you are inducing clearer thinking. Creating what I call a Sacred Sensual Space allows you to have a dedicated place for sexual exploration.

Set up a space that is authentic to your needs and desires. This list helps inspire your own:


○ Music

Massage Oils

○ Soft Lighting


○ Cannabis

○ Plants or Fresh Flowers

○ Aromatherapy

○ Soft textures and Sensory Items

Blankets, pillows


Here are some of my other tools, as a gift to help you get started on your journey:

My Cannabis Consumption Ritual

My Sensual Cannabis Meditation


Go forth and prosper

Equipped with this information of what cannabis is and the different ways to consume it for increased intimacy, you are ready to apply this knowledge to your sexuality. Make it personal to you, and have fun with it! 


Disclaimer: Cannabis is not legal in every state in the US, so please follow the legal guidelines for where you reside. Views represented within this blog are those of the author, and are not necessarily those of Sex With Emily. 


Carli Jo is a LA-based Cannabis Sensuality Coach who specializes in helping couples increase connection and intimacy by guiding them through a unique process that uses cannabis and tantra in a safe and sacred space. Carli Jo’s work was featured in the New York Times, but you may have seen her featured on The Bachelor.. Credits as a Casting Producer. You can follow her ​website​ and on Instagram​!

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