Mr. Skin Presents: Top 5 Caught in the Act

  Mr. Skin (the man who’s been fast-forwarding to the good parts for you) presents his Top 5 caught in the act clips.

How the Fleshlight Has Titillated Twitter

flesh If you haven’t noticed, social media has been taking the plunge and trying out what fleshlight has to offer. Organic testimonials are popping up left and right. Seriously, twitter is all over what fleshlight has to offer. In case you haven’t heard (or in case you need a reminder), the Fleshlight is the number one selling sex toy for men. This sex toy is made from silicone that simulates the look and feel of a vagina. The Fleshlight even features different textures and openings you can choose from. For instance, you can purchase the Lotus Fleshlight which features varied widenings and canals that further simulate the inside of a vagina. Check out what people on twitter are saying!

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The Wolf of Sundance

“The Wolf of Sundance” proves everything’s better in your underwear.

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