Celebrate Masturbation Month With Me!

EMatSHE- signForget Christmas, Halloween or Valentine’s Day – My favorite holiday of all time is right around the corner. And here’s the best part, it lasts all month long.

That’s right, self-lovers. May is Masturbation Month, which means you’ve all got 30 days to celebrate with some mind-blowing, toe-curling, self-induced orgasms.

We all know that masturbation is great, but why should we spend an entire month devoted to an activity that usually takes about 15 minutes (or 30, if you’re doing it right)?

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Celebrate Your Sexual Health

Screen Shot 2015-04-01 at 12.31.50 AMWith April 7 AKA World Health Day right around the corner, it’s the perfect time to celebrate health in all aspects of your life, and brush up on those healthy habits.. That means dragging your butt to the gym before work, trading in your morning bagel with schmear for a veggie-packed smoothie, getting back on board with your daily vitamins and swapping your nightly Netflix binge for some much-needed sleep.

Yep, you’ve got your mental and physical health on lock – But where does sexual health fall into all of this?

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Female Pioneers of Sex

Woman Holds Up BrassiereHappy International Women’s Day!

Today is the day to celebrate women, our achievements, and ponder on what is left to accomplish. Despite the fact that women became “liberated” in the 1960’s, we still face an overwhelming taboo when it comes to sex. Even now, the enjoyment and open discussion of sex tends to be associated with either “confident” men or “slutty” women, which is just not right. So with this taboo in mind, I thought it would be fun and interesting to use this momentous day to talk about a few the female pioneers of sex – The women who brought us a little bit closer to sexual wellness and freedom!

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Steaks and Blow Jobs and Bubbly – Oh My!


Although you may have trouble finding a card for it at Hallmark, and you probably won’t be getting the day off work, a very special holiday is right around the corner. Consider it men’s follow up for Valentine’s Day – A way of saying thank you for a job well done. Your man made the dinner reservations, he wrapped the presents, he got those truffles you love so much, and this is his much-deserved reward! Whatever it is you call it, just know that there will be blow jobs.. And probably steak.

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Even Better Sex(Talk) In 2015!

IMG_7229As you may know, my goal for 2015 is to be your top source on everything sex and relationship related. If you have questions on kinky sex or dating tips, I want to be the one you come to. If you need advice on how to step things up in the bedroom, I want to be your first stop for sex tips! However, in order to ensure that you all have the best sex of your life, I am going to need your help with something..

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Sexual Health Expo — The 1st of It’s Kind!

xbiz bannerDidn’t learn much in sex ed? You’re not alone. Time for a redo, and this time, you’ll actually learn some useful information that will change the path of your sex life and relationships forever. Dare I say, this will be an entirely revolutionary experience.

I’m talking about the Sexual Health Expo (SHE) – This is the first event of its kind and it’s already on the way to impacting the sexual community in a monumental way. It’s like the g-spot for sexual health events, taking place in Los Angeles on January 17-18!

The Sexual Health Expo is an ideal destination for men and women, singles and couples.. Basically anyone who wants to have a healthy sex life should be there!

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7 Days of Holiday Pleasure


Don’t you just love the holidays? It’s that magical time of year when everyone finds themselves in the giving mood, both in the bedroom and out in the real world.

So in the spirit of holiday giving, and since you’ve all been so good all year, I’m starting this gift exchange a little early..

Starting today, December 18th through the 24th, I’m bringing you 7 Days of Holiday Pleasure!

This means 7 chances to win some very sexy prizes that will be sure to spice up your holiday season! From massages candles to sex toys to the best-selling sex toy for men, every day brings a new chance to win a gift that will keep giving all year long!

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Beyond the Bedroom: A Healthy Sex Discussion

flyer-promoIsn’t it about time for an open conversation about sex, beyond the limits of the actual bedroom? I’m excited to be a part of this amazing event, “Beyond the Bedroom”, taking place November 5th at The Body Well in West Hollywood:

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Join me in San Diego this Saturday: Hustler Hollywood Workshop

I’m so excited that my first trip to San Hustler San DiegoDiego will be to teach a workshop “How to Blow (His Mind)” at the legendary Hustler Hollywood Store.

The workshop is for men, women and couples. If you want brush up on your bedroom skills and learn some new tricks that will blow anyone’s mind (even your own because hey, masturbation is sex with someone you love) then I better see you there!

I’ll be covering everything from how to be an oral sex master, the best toys and products on the market to enhance your sex life and sharing the most important things you need to know to have the sex life you want and deserve.

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Sex Class Is In Session: What To Expect At My Hustler Workshop

workshopAll month long, I’ve been gearing up to host my first workshop at Hustler Hollywood! On July 16th, from 8:00-10:00 pm, I’ll be hosting an exciting event called “How to Blow (His Mind).” You can RSVP at HHRSVP@LFP.COM

There’ll be hot tips and tricks, giveaways, plenty of time for questions & answers, gift bags and much more!

I’ve done live events and book signings but I’ve never done anything like this. I’m super excited to host a workshop where I can talk directly with my listeners about all their sex and relationship questions.

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