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There are so many online dating sites that finding a site that fits your dating needs is similar to choosing a boyfriend. If you are looking for someone with a particular background and religion you might have an easier time selecting a site. It gets a little bit trickier with the more general websites like eHarmony and To make your search a little easier I reduced complex websites into oversimplified and somewhat cruel caricatures of themselves. Perhaps you’ll see the silver lining in one of these made-up mates… Continue Reading

Remember him from Survivor?  Emily is on the all new Jeff Probst Show, a one-hour nationally syndicated daytime talk show which premiered September 10th.  Her segment, “This is How We Do It,”   airs this Thursday, October 11th and she wants you to be on the show with her.

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Porn fills many voids in a guy’s life. Tuesday nights, for example. But you don’t really learn much from porn – apart from that you are woefully physically inadequate as a man, and at that age 29, women become considered “mature” and are relentlessly preyed upon  upon by Milf Hunters. Plus, you’re watching two people acting, and with fairly uninspired cinematography at that. On the other hand, you can read as many Men’s Health guides to “making her hypothalamus explode with pleasure” as you want, but ultimately their tips are as abstract as the generic male brains they write for. Without a demonstration, these articles are simply rote memorization of instructions. What we need is educational porn; Porn with a Purpose…

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Rosh (O!) ‘Shanah

Jewish Stars are Sexy Too!

L’shanah Tovah!  Or,  “Happy New Year” in Hebrew.  Monday marks the first day  of Rosh Hashanah, the first of two “high holidays” in  Judaism, which fall on day 1 and 2 in the Hebrew Calendar month Tishrei.  The second holiday, Yom Kippur, falls eight days after Rosh Hashanah.   Since Yom Kippur is a Day of Atonement,  in which we abstain from foods and sex,  we can even appreciate Rosh Hashanah (or, as we say “O” Shanah, since the “H” is silent) even more for getting freaky .  Even if you are not a Member of the Tribe we encourage celebration. Continue Reading

What gets you hot, and what gets you hot and bothered? I recently asked people to share their biggest turn-ons and turn-offs. The most amusing and true turn-on and the turn-off win Forta, an all natural sexual enhancement for men and women. Various themes were prevalent for both turn-ons and turn-offs— mouth (kissing-turn-on, bad teeth- turn-off), sweat (“sweaty man” – turn-on; but B.O. -turn-off),  and leg wear (fishnets- turn on; socks- turn off).



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So, it’s the end of the summer, body tanned and hair is bleached. It’s time to flaunt and use it before drab winter layering comes into play.  Bbq, beers and frozen daiquiris won’t show up on the figure until after the weekend and everyone is just hotter and hornier for the last summer vacation of the year. Continue Reading

*Disclaimer-   The below items are only intended to be used for flirting, ingestion and maybe a sex game or two.  Sugar inserted into crevices can lead to infection.   Go to a specialty source, such as Nature Lovin’ Lubricant  if you want to experience a raspberry cheesecake or banana custard flavor down there.  Also, note that fat and calories in each product are essentially negligible and will be more than worked off in the act.  No worries about staying svelte!



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Sinclair Institute Gift Basket

I asked everyone I know, and don’t know for that matter, to tell me what they wish they had learned in Sex Ed. Instead of describing  sex as a lethal baby-making activity, many agree that Sed Ed should’ve said something about the possibility for pleasure. Instead of presenting abstinence as the only option for teens, perhaps Sex Education should promote sex positivity, consent, and masturbation.  I guess that’s just a little too progressive for High School education. If we the people did Sex Education, here’s what we’d teach: Continue Reading

Emily & Isabela Staycer post workout

My legs are still shaking as I write this after my morning workout. Recently I was tracked down on Twitter by a local San Francisco fitness trainer who wanted to work with me. I’ve had sessions with trainers in the gym before but what Isabela Staycer  proposed was something way more challenging and fun. Isabela Staycer is an expert in Pilates and known for her Brazilian Bootcamp. Based on her Brazilian heritage she knows a thing or two about getting the coveted “Brazilian bootie,” and who doesn’t want that? I’ve loved our workouts the past two months and truly see a difference in mind, body, and spirit. Continue Reading

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