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Oral sex on a woman can be challenging, to say the least. As one of our winners from the Masque contest put it– “make sure to google map her clitoris.” As the queen of cunnilingus this week, or at least the queen of receiving cunnilingus, our winner gets some goodies from Masque including sexual magnets, a shirt, and Masque samples in all flavors. We love hearing from you. Here is what the Sex With Emily audience had to say about the art of cunnilingus: Continue Reading

Some advice I gave in The Daily about what to do if or when you get dumped. Hey, it happens.

1. Create a Support System. Feelings of loneliness and isolation after a relationship ends are common. It’s crucial to create a support system of friends and loved ones whom you trust so you can turn to them when you’re still reeling after the breakup….  Continue Reading

I asked all my listeners to give me their best oral sex tips. Here are two of my favorites:

My best oral sex tip is probably the simplest thing to do.  Just look him (or her) in the eyes while doing it and show them how much you love doing it. It works great with my Husband.

~Jen Continue Reading

By:  MarMar Speaks

So I am a young gay male that just came back from New York City.  It was a spontaneous move from Oakland, California and I went with no expectations of hooking up or meeting any guys in the Big Apple. But I did meet a guy on Adam4Adam, who lives in Brooklyn.

After some small chat online, we exchanged numbers and decided to meet up. I didn’t know what I was in for, but he was cute so I was up for anything. Mr. Anonymous and I met up and he even paid for my cab fare, which was sweet. We talked and kicked it for a minute before we went back to his man cave. Continue Reading

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