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Emily attended the Hunky Jesus Festival and teaches her dog to fetch. Menace is on a champagne kick and is in love with Hunger Games actress Jennifer Lawrence. Circumcised vs. uncircumcised penises, nice guys trying to find love, and writer, Oscar Raymundo talks about gay dating and Instagram on the show. How many self-portraits are too many self-portraits and how do you actually date someone by following them on Instagram.


Emily is excited to announce that she is starring in a reality television series called Miss Advised on Bravo TV. She had cameras follow her around for a few months while she dated and worked. Bravo wanted to see if she practice what she preached in her personal life and professional life.

Emily debates sex rules that are out there – everything from sex on the first date to cuddling quotas.
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SWE – Sexercise

Sex burns calories and can be more fun than the gym. Emily is your personal trainer and leads you through the best sexy exercises for better sex, from cardio to Kegels.

Emily gets stopped at the Las Vegas airport security because she has too many vibrators in her bags. Continue Reading


Emily is back from Las Vegas with lots of sordid stories from the International Lingerie Show. Does marijuana enhance your sex drive? Kissing, female ejaculation, big boots, and the perils of high-waisted pants. Emily instructs you on how to role-play and have “makeup” sex, from sexy cop to Avatar, from schoolgirl to the Hamburglar.


SWE – Sex Myths

Emily goes through the biggest sex myths, from penis size to female ejaculation. Plus, how men can learn to have multiple orgasms.

Never tell your current partner that your last partner was good in bed. They don’t want to hear the amazing things this person did in bed or anything about the size of their penis or boobs.


Emily and Menace both have sex in the same weekend, but with different people of course. Menace has sex in the shower and the girl didn’t faint this time.

A recipe for “panty droppers” (a drink that might be true to it’s name),  flirting techniques and the sacred duties of the wingman.

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