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Coyote Days, head buyer for Good Vibrations has been in the adult toy industry for over ten years.  Good Vibrations, established in 1977 “with a mission based on the belief that Pleasure is our Birthright,” is a leading provider of adult toys with stores across the US.  What better person to interview regarding top gift picks?  Here are some of Coyote’s suggestions… Continue Reading

Sleek, sexy, and seductive are not commonly used words to describe sex toys. Normally we think of bulky, loud, and intimidating products that could potentially alter our genitals’ physical appearance if used incorrectly. If  gears and motors are visible, RUN! Tenga, on the other hand, is an exceptional male sex toy company based in Japan that knows how to get your blood pumping without anyone needing to know. Continue Reading

Porn fills many voids in a guy’s life. Tuesday nights, for example. But you don’t really learn much from porn – apart from that you are woefully physically inadequate as a man, and at that age 29, women become considered “mature” and are relentlessly preyed upon  upon by Milf Hunters. Plus, you’re watching two people acting, and with fairly uninspired cinematography at that. On the other hand, you can read as many Men’s Health guides to “making her hypothalamus explode with pleasure” as you want, but ultimately their tips are as abstract as the generic male brains they write for. Without a demonstration, these articles are simply rote memorization of instructions. What we need is educational porn; Porn with a Purpose…

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It’s no secret that men are naturally horny creatures. I can vouch for this when I say I masturbate almost once a day — I’m not ashamed to admit this, I’m actually quite proud of my manhood. Whether by hand or with the additional help from an outside device, masturbating is one of the most rewarding male pastimes. For one reason or another a lot of men seem to be intimated by the idea of introducing their most-prized appendage to a sex toy. If you can get past the fear of the unknown you’re in for a wild ride! Continue Reading

I Wanna Be Naked Creme

I have become so fed up with foamy, gelatinous, fake floral or fruity  scented shave creams and gels that I have gotten into the habit of lazily smothering hair conditioner on my legs and nether regions before a shave.   Or, I re-use my Venus “built in shaving cream” razor over and over until there is no shaving cream in it any more; and, then, use it beyond…. Continue Reading


Diamonds have always been a girl’s best friend. That is, until I met my new BFF’s– premium vibrators.

The Mystic Wand Waterproof Vibrator is my new favorite. It’s a clitoral stimulator with different speeds, which satisfy the new sex toy user as well as vibrator connoisseurs. I should also mention that the Mystic is the little sister of the Hitachi Magic Wand, one of the most powerful vibrators in the world. Continue Reading

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