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pornsign_0Now through the end of June, you- yes you, can submit your homemade porn films to be shown at this year’s Pornotopia Film Festival.

“All interested filmmakers can submit their content via Pornotopia through June 30th for a chance to be featured in the Pornotopia Film Festival that will be held from November 14th-16th at The Guild Cinema in Albuquerque, New Mexico” says XBIZ. Continue Reading

bbwThe BBW Strip Club Night has returned to Vintage Strip in Sun Valley, California as of  June 19th. On stage and hosting the night was performer Karla Lane, along with her BBW friends. Kane offered lap and private dances in the VIP Room.

“Yes, we’re back and I’m so excited,” Lane said. “There’s nothing like this in Los Angeles and my fans have been contacting me and Vintage Strip asking us to bring it back. I hope[d] the house [would] be packed, because it [was] an amazing evening with some surprises.”  Continue Reading

drunk beer gogglesRecently, researchers from the University of Bristol found in a study that booze really does make you find people more attractive than you would if you were sober. Yes, beer goggles are real— even though most of us have already learned this the hard way.

“Beer goggles,” or “the phenomenon in which one’s consumption of alcohol makes physically unattractive persons appear beautiful.” Continue Reading

Screen Shot 2014-06-03 at 12.14.40 PMHave you been searching for your new whip? Are your product modeling pictures just not cutting it on eBay? A man named Angus Dean tried a new, sexy, and somewhat strange angle. The angle I’m referring to is none other than a real (fake?) Vanna White. This Vanna White is a true to life sex doll named Sandy that Angus borrowed from a buddy. In his defense, sex does sell. In fact, the results have become quite the internet sensation. Continue Reading


tumblr_n5dovxfM741t38daro1_1280Let’s admit it: no matter how great your sex drive is, there is always room for a little boost. Just when you thought that you
would be stuck popping horny goat weed forever, science pops up with a new enjoyable way to bump up your libido. XXX Vapor, a company specializing in vaporizer products and accessories, and targeted toward the adult entertainment market, has recently announced the launch or
a new product that does just that!
Continue Reading

fc35cc295d060bb0404fdbdc2346cd99We’d like to think that derogatory and “slut-shaming” slurs were left back in high school. In a perfect world, it would be nice to believe that derogatory language has been dropped down to a minimum. But the sad truth is that a study done by UK think tank Demos found that online misogyny is alive and well. What is most interesting is the gender analysis behind the tweets and posts. Continue Reading

astopab1576Masturbation Month is here, the birds are chirping, and porn sets everywhere might be stocking up on condoms to prepare for this week’s passage of AB 1576 through the California Appropriations Committee.

Haven’t heard of AB 1576?

It’s the bill that mandates condom use on all adult production’s shot in California. Continue Reading

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