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Emily joins this episode of “Let’s Talk About Sex”, Black Hollywood Live hosts Spicy Mari, Drea Renee, and Phoenix White discuss relationships for the week of August 8th, 2014. They open up by discussing “Hollywood Hotties Doing the Naughty” featuring Olivia Wilde Glamour Magazine. Next they interview Dr. Emily Morse. They then discuss topics such as the biggest mistakes men make in bed and the biggest mistakes women make in bed. They round things off with a Naked Truth with Emily.

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Top 10 Greatest Classic Porn Movies


With the coming of the internet, porn is only too easy to collect. However the fuzzy amateur tube videos cannot live up to the golden age of adult film; the top 10 best adult movies of all time contained pornographic elements, no doubt, but they were films that also told stories. In the heyday of adult movies, the seventies and eighties, it wasn’t all about the money shot. There were strong desires to contain the porn within a narrative. This list of the top 10 best adult movies of all time centers on sexy storytelling, a type of entertainment that has unfortunately gone by the wayside.



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Tales from the Interns…

I’ll admit to letting things get a little out off hand in the bedroom. No, not the good kind, I mean I’ve let things get a bit boring and it went on far too long. Then one day I decided to try an all natural Emily and Tony massage candle. I’ve heard of them before but always pictured a BDSM hot wax scenario and was a little skeptical.

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5 Tips For Successful Online Dating

internet-dating-photoDating online has become a favorite pastime for singles everywhere. There’s even a dating site for farmers or those of you seeking a rural partner. Wherever you are, wherever you live and whatever you’re looking for, you can find it online.

I’ve been dating online since I was 18. That was back when most online daters were still hiding in incognito mode, or at least erasing their history because the wonder of Google Chrome’s Incognito didn’t exist yet. Online dating was taboo, it was something people did behind closed doors. Today, if you’re single, you’re probably on a dating website, and you fall in the range between being very open about it and not telling anyone. If you don’t talk about it, the time has come to release yourself from the bondage of online dating secrecy.

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Romancing the Roomies: 4 Tips for Great Sex When Your Partner Has Roommates

RoommateLos Angeles is one of the most densely populated areas in the country. With the high cost of living and popularity of certain neighborhoods it seems almost impossible not to have roommates. So what’s the proper etiquette for having amazing sex when your partner’s roommates are definitely home?

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Emily’s Instagram: “Just Updated My Assistant’s Job Description…”

Just updated my assistant’s job description…
#Masseuse #MassageCandle @loveemilyandtony @phantomcupcake

Emily’s Instagram: Album Covers at Loveline

A great album cover for a terrible band starring@kippardue and @sexwithemily



Snow White XXX: A Pornographic Fairy Tale

Bj1G3kvCUAAFXN1.jpg-largeIt’s movie night with your sweetheart and you’re both feeling a little too frisky to throw on Frozen again.. What to do? It might be time to check out the most recent addition to Wicked Pictures’ new Wicked Fairy Tales collection! New to Wicked Pictures, but certainly no stranger to the Parody Porn genre, Axel Braun starts off strong with his first erotic fairy tale, Snow White XXX. The high-budget film boasted an all-star cast, high-quality production and enough steamy sex scenes to make you forget your childhood ties to the tale. After watching the movie in it’s entirety, I can definitely confirm that it delivers on all counts. And let me tell you, this ain’t no Disney princess film.

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Beats, Breasts & Booty

OC JONZ Breaking Through (The White Wall part ll) from Skylar V Smith on Vimeo.

Could you end your week any sexier than watching young women shaking their full curves to a heavy beat?
Our team at Sex With Emily doesn’t think so!

This sexy piece came to us from filmmaker Skylar V Smith as part of “The White Wall” series of music videos. A short film dedicated to all that is beautiful about the female form. So sit back and let these ladies usher you in for a sultry weekend of your own…


Say Hello to My Little Friend

f9c18b1e4403861bfcac683b5225-400x338So you did it! You’re in a relationship and having regular sex- with a human. But now you’re facing the the age-old dilemma of what to do with the non-human companion, your vibrator, which up until now has been the sole producer of your orgasms.

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