First Date Friskiness

Screen Shot 2015-05-14 at 3.58.22 PMI remember a time when nearly all girls were adamant that they would never have sex with a guy after only the first date. In 2015, a time of extended freedom and altered expectations, does that still reign true? I feel like there’s a more even mix of opinions on the matter these days, so the question remains: Is it appropriate for a girl to initiate sex on the first date or for the first time with a new guy?

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5 Sex Lessons You Should Have Learned in Your 20’s

nrm_1411765373-schmece-episode-stills-schmidt-and-cece-30930275-2560-1707It’s true what they say, the finer things in life get better with age. Fine wine, for example, and jazz music, fancy cheese, NPR….  And then, of course, there’s sex. I don’t buy into the whole “sexual peak” thing, but there’s no question that sex becomes infinitely better as you mature.

Women who wrote themselves off as unorgasmic at the ripe old age of 19, blossom into multiple O-hood as they move into their 30’s. I don’t think that women’s vaginas are maturing into sexual perfection, like a $200 block of aged cheddar, I think it has more to do with a combination of lots of practice, increased confidence and, most importantly, better lovers.

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What’s My Number?

Screen Shot 2015-05-08 at 6.32.17 PMI recently experienced something of a crisis while pondering my sexual identity.  I could not, for the life of me remember the number of people I have had sex with.  Up until this point I felt that I had kept fairly meticulous mental record of “my number.”  I remember when it was 2, I remember when it was 10, I even remember my favorite number, 15. Somewhere after 20, however, I irretrievably lost count. I tried to make a list, crossing off “almosts” and writing question marks next to girls’ names. But alas, my list-making was to no avail. I began to question the validity of my own memory and whether some of these sexual encounters were figments of my fear, fantasy or imagination.

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The Return Dater

o-ANNOYED-WOMAN-facebookThere is an interesting phenomena that happens while you’re online dating. Guys that you think you will never hear from again reappear, and most of the time, it’s months and months later. They’re always expecting that you’ll be free, happy to hear from them, and willing to give them another chance, even though they really don’t deserve one. Yes, this happened to me twice this week.

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What’s Getting In The Way of Your Orgasm?

shutterstock_90093883There is currently an epidemic that is sweeping the nation – Women everywhere are still not having orgasms.

Sure, conditions have improved since, say, the Stone Age.. But the fact is, men are knocking out orgasms like carnival games while women are forever stuck at the top of the ferris wheel, if they even make it that far. It seems like the most common questions that pop up in the Ask Emily box are pulling at the same thread: How can I finally experience the big O? Why doesn’t my wife enjoy sex and much as I do? Why can I climax on my own, but not with a partner? It all comes back to the case of the missing female orgasm..

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Brave & Bold Gets the Date

tumblr_liovv1pPT71qfmo8tWe all have those, “what if” moments in life, and when it comes to relationships and dating, those moments tend to happen even more often. A big one for me, and I imagine many other women, is the realization “What if I asked him out?”

I know, the idea sounds scary, but it’s actually not that bad. No matter how liberated or modern or brave we imagine ourselves to be, many women have decided that they will never ask out a guy. But I’m here to tell you, you should be making the first move. Now it doesn’t always work out, but it won’t kill you and you’ll eliminate the “what if” that currently enjoys dancing around in your head.

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Call or Delete – A Dating Game

Women-Cell-PhoneRecently, I heard of this dangerous game people play while they are drinking. It’s called “Call or Delete”. The way it works is you get together with your closest and most trusted friends, who take your phone and go through the contacts. You randomly yell “stop” and whichever contact they stop on, you have to call right then and there or delete them off of your phone forever. I told you this was dangerous!

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Love Life Typcasting

onlind-dating-female_largeWhen it comes to dating, some rules are standard: not having sex until the 3rd date, walking the fine line between dressing sexy and slutty, or not revealing too much, too soon.

But what about the one rule you may be breaking without even realizing it: Dating the same person over and over. I don’t mean you break up and get back together with the same person – I mean you date the same kind of person. You have a “type,” and until it was pointed out to me, I had no idea I was doing just that.

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My Night With Promescent

c34dbf8d4f2a4d8ad20ff792d5c1b103 (1)I’d like to share a recent experience with you all: My night having sex with Promescent (And oh yeah, my boyfriend was there too!)

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Female Pioneers of Sex

Woman Holds Up BrassiereHappy International Women’s Day!

Today is the day to celebrate women, our achievements, and ponder on what is left to accomplish. Despite the fact that women became “liberated” in the 1960’s, we still face an overwhelming taboo when it comes to sex. Even now, the enjoyment and open discussion of sex tends to be associated with either “confident” men or “slutty” women, which is just not right. So with this taboo in mind, I thought it would be fun and interesting to use this momentous day to talk about a few the female pioneers of sex – The women who brought us a little bit closer to sexual wellness and freedom!

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